On this day in history:

February 12th, 2017 | At Elimination Chamber 2017, Naomi overcame the underhanded attacks of Alexa Bliss to win her first SmackDown Women’s Championship. Bliss was determined to hold on to the gold by any mean necessary, at one point getting her feet on the ropes after avoiding a Springboard Split-legged Moonsault. In the end, it was Naomi’s counter of the Twisted Bliss using her knees that knocked the champ off her game, as it opened a window of opportunity for Naomi to successfully connect a Springboard Split-legged Moonsault for the three count win. In a post-match interview, Renee Young congratulates the new champion, and a “You deserve it!” chant then takes over the arena, causing the new champion to tear up.

What are your memories of this moment?