Today in History: Stacy Keibler & Test vs. Chris Jericho & Christian


On this day in history:

February 24th, 2003 | As punishment for their insubordination towards Raw GM Eric Bischoff, Test and Stacy Keibler were booked in a match against Chris Jericho and Christian. Stacy did her best to stay out the action, but Jericho wouldn’t allow it, knocking her off the ring apron. He then pulled out a steel chair, hitting Test with it and getting his team DQed. This didn’t end the punishment, though, as he and Christian handcuffed Test to the ropes and locked Stacy in the Walls of Jericho. Jeff Hardy tried to put a stop to it but was halted by the Unprettier. Eventually, Shawn Michaels made the save, hitting Christian with the Sweet Chin Music and chasing off Jericho.

What are your memories of this moment?