Today in History: Schoolteacher Michelle McCool is Here to Teach a Lesson


On this day in history:

June 2nd, 2006 | A good natured match between Jillian and Kristal Marshall not only saw the SmackDown debut of recent Diva Search winner Ashley Massaro, but it also featured an appearance by the new incarnation of Michelle McCool. The former fitness instructor and happy go lucky babyface was now a stern heel. Drawing on her experiences as a schoolteacher, Michelle came to the ring dressed in heels, a revealing blouse and glasses, telling Jillian and Kristal that she would show them how to be a “real” lady. She also promised the males in the audience to teach them about “the birds and the bees” if they were good. Her fellow Divas, judging by their expressions, weren’t interested in answering to her makeshift authority.

What are your memories of this moment?