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Today in History: Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle Team Up… and Make Out

On this day in history:

August 24th, 2000 | In a sort-of-rematch to the Women’s Title match that won Lita her first title belt, the new champ teamed with The Rock to take on Stephanie McMahon and Kurt Angle. The match seemed to revolve around injuring Triple H – not even a competitor – both physically and psychologically. The match devolved into a brawl, leading to him getting a 4-on-1 beating from The Rock, Matt and Jeff Hardy and Lita while Kurt headed backstage to check on Stephanie, who HHH had taken from ringside earlier. Left alone with Stephanie, Kurt fretted over her well-being before he got carried away with it and kissed her. Stephanie resisted at first, and then she didn’t. The show ended with him looking pleased and her looking downright aghast.

What are your memories of this moment?

Note: This was originally posted on 8/24/12.