Today in History: Stephanie McMahon & Zach Gowen vs. Big Show


On this day in history:

July 3rd, 2003 | Stephanie McMahon‘s issues with her father often brought her to some undesirable circumstances, and this time was no different. Stephanie hated Vince McMahon‘s mistress Sable, and this conflict led to him booking her in a No Holds Barred, No DQ Handicap match that teamed her with one-legged WWE hopeful Zach Gowen to face the Big Show. Vince and Sable watched at ringside as Big Show tossed Stephanie around, and when he got involved in the match himself, Stephanie slapped her father across the face. Big Show was about to avenge his boss with a chokeslam to Stephanie when Kurt Angle came to the rescue, setting it up so Zach could get the pin and, as per the stipulation of the match, earning himself a WWE contract.

What are your memories of this moment?