Top 5 WWE Women’s Finishers (and the Worst)


Figure 8, Eclipse, Stratusfaction and Widow’s Peak! There are so many great finishers in the history of WWE, but what are some of the best (and the worst) of them all? We’re here to answer your question.

Join in the discussion as we go over our favorite finishers from the history of women’s wrestling. We made sure to include various types of finishers like slams, kicks, and submissions. We also asked YOU to pick your least favorite finishers of all time, and it quickly became a tea time.

What did you think of our list? Even we were very surprised at some of the finishers that didn’t make the final list, so don’t be too mad that your favorite wasn’t chosen! Tell us in the comment section below about your favorite finisher in the history of WWE.


  1. I agree with most of these bar the Rear View tbf. Naomi had a point in her career where she seemed to have numerous finishing moves, I remember she had a really good wheelbarrow bulldog she used a couple of times. Candice Michelle’s Candy Wrapper was also a really nice spin on the Unprettier.

    I used to love the Tori-plex, it just looked like a nasty move and I think back then it could look awkward and botchy but fans weren’t savvy and the moves weren’t as crisp back then. Maxine had a move called Maximium Destruction which I also really enjoyed.

    So glad they mentioned the Glam Stretch too! I always wondered why it wasn’t used more often.

  2. I liked that video. With like 5 minutes of thought I came up with this unranked list as my top 10:

    Widow’s Peak
    Lita DDT
    Glam Slam
    Faith Breaker
    Molly Go Round
    Sunset Split
    Implant Buster

  3. My favorite has always been Mickie’s DDT. I know it’s kind of vanilla compared to the other finishers but I always saw it as one of those moves you can do on anyone anytime, anywhere while still looking brutal asf when sold properly.

  4. Another favorite of mine, Raisha Saeed’s move. I don’t know what it’s called but it’s that move wherein she looks like she’ll do an elevated boston grab but then girl sits and pulls the legs of her opponents violently towards their heads. It doesn’t look like a knockout move for sure but that is actually quite brutal. I doubt everyone can pull it off though.

  5. 5: Litasault; Lita
    4: Kairopraktor; Dakota Kai
    3: Widows Peak; Victoria
    2: The Eclipse; Ember Moon
    1: Voodoo Drop; Roxxi Laveaux

    Honourable mention goes to
    French TKO; Maryse
    RamPaige; Paige
    Molly Go Round; Molly Holly

  6. I already did a list though there are loads I’ve forgotten like the Damascus Drop (Raisha Saeed), Lobotomy (Daffney), Molly-Go-Round (Molly Holly). Also I remember Victoria added a finisher at one point – The Black Widow – it was a similar set up to Widow’s Peak but instead she held the opponent over her head and sat out into a facebuster….I’m sure there’s a more technical term.

    Another favourite which is less mainstream because is Skyler Moon’s “Merry-Go-Round-Of-Doom”. I’ve posted about it before, I wish she never got released, she missed out on the launch of NXT Television and I think she could’ve been really special.

    • so many great women’s finishers! The Damascus Drop (Raisha) and the Molly-Go-Round were two favorites of mine, and I’m glad you mentioned the Black Widow – I feel like nobody remembers that one because she only used it a handful of times, but going from a canadian backbreaker and then being flipped over into a sitout facebuster just looked like it hurt!

      Also, Hellbound (Madison Eagles), the Kairopractor (Dakota Kai) and the Kudome Valentine (Megumi Kudo) were also fun to watch!

  7. Innovative or cool finishers have to count Gail Kim’s submission moves…some look painful, yet she did it so smoothly.

    Some of the finishers require the other person to sell well, for example, Melina’s Sunset Split, Ember’s Eclipse

    But ultimately, Widow’s Peak is both painful and cool to watch.

    Worst move is Bayley to Belly