Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Torrie Wilson Hits Back at TMZ Claim That She’s Jealous of Stacy Keibler

Former WWE Diva, Torrie Wilson, responded to a TMZ report in which they caught up with her while out in LA and asked her about her BFF and former WWE road buddy, Stacy Keibler, dating Hollywood star George Clooney.

The gossip site insinuated that Torrie, who was clearly playing dumb by saying she had no idea that they were dating, was jealous of Stacy. When asked about Stacy & George, she played coy, responding: “Is she? Is she really [dating him]?”

Torrie admits on her Facebook page that she was just playing TMZ, writing: “OK, silly TMZ, you are SO dumb! Stacy is one of my best friends … and you were being toyed with … glad it worked! Jealousy isn’t in my blood but nice try weirdos!”

TMZ obviously didn’t do their homework or they’d know that Torrie was on holiday with Stacy and George just a few weeks ago in Mexico, along with TNA’s Gail Kim. Stacy even posted a picture of them together on Twitter.

Check out the TMZ report in question below:

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