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Total Divas Redux: “Good Diva, Bad Diva”

After Tuesday’s eppy of Total Divas, I find myself completely amazed that Nattie and Tyson Kidd are still together. TJ must literally be the most patient man in the world in order to put up with all the crap Nattie dishes out and our favorite Canadian was in fine form this week. The couple has been in the process of moving into what Nattie hopes to be their “forever home”, and she asked her sister Jenny to help them. TJ wasn’t to thrilled with this but since it was only for four days, he decided to just deal with it. On top of that, their old house also needed to be repaired in order for them to be able to sell it at the best possible price. Their repair person, Art, set an estimate for the repairs and Nattie came back to TJ with an amount of between $4,000 and $5,000.

It didn’t take long for TJ to figure out that things were a little off. When Jenny showed up, she brought a ton of bags with her, way more stuff for someone who was only staying four days. Nattie continued to reassure TJ that Jenny was only staying for a few days, so he dropped it. While they were at TV, TJ confronted Nattie over a text message he got from Art. Apparently the repairs to their old home were going to run them about $15,000. Another lie. Nattie was basically caught and did her best to justify things, and even tried to turn the situation around on TJ. He wasn’t having it and walked away from his wife before the situation could escalate into an argument.

Nattie had a heart to heart with Nikki and Brie Bella about the situation, and both of them told her that she was completely out of line. Nattie tried to justify things to her friends, but they weren’t having it. That woke up Nattie to the situation and she gathered her family around to admit to her lies. The best part of that is when she told her mother that she purposely got her dad to break that awful lion’s head. Hilarious.

A not-so-hilarious part of the show dealt with Daniel Bryan‘s latest injury and how there’s a good chance his career could be over. Nikki couldn’t fathom why Brie wasn’t more upset over the situation and continued to harp on that every single time she was Brie and Bryan. Brie and Bryan both had to explain to Nikki that there was nothing they could at the moment, it really was just a waiting game.

Stressing about the situation and worrying over things they couldn’t control wouldn’t help them, and it would just make things worse for Daniel. Nikki seemed perplexed by all of this, but she also admitted that she was a lot more emotional than her twin. By the time the episode had ended, nothing had been settled with Daniel’s injury status.

The third storyline of the episode involved Naomi‘s awesome heel turn. Come to find out, the heel turn wasn’t something she was sure she wanted.

Acting like a bad girl apparently isn’t Naomi’s character and she was struggling trying to find a way to balance such a huge change. Everyone tried to help her, and at dinner one night, they got the bright idea to piss Naomi off to see if they could bring the bitch out in her.

That prompted Alicia Fox to throw a glass of water in Naomi’s face, and she absolutely flipped out over that. She ended up escorted out of the restaurant and off of the property, much to the amusement and shock of everyone at the table. Jimmy Uso even jokingly told Naomi that’s how she needed to act on camera. Well, needless to say, Naomi did find some of that sass and attitude to bring to the ring. She had a kick butt match with Nikki at Extreme Rules and those of us who watch Raw and SmackDown on a regular basis know how amazing she is doing in that role now.

Next week’s episode teases tension between the Bella twins, so that is always fun, and Eva Marie shows up in NXT only to be greeted with “You Can’t Wrestle” chants. Should be awesome. Until then!!!!

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