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Total Divas Redux: “Roadside Rumble”

Previously on Total Divas….

Well, honestly, I’m not exactly sure what happened last week because I still haven’t seen the episode. I was having surgery and then recuperating from it, but all is well now in my world. This week’s episode promises to deliver, seeing as how Natalya snaps on Summer Rae. Anytime Nattie’s true colors show is a fun time, so I’m pumped.

We start off with WWE’s Pay-Per-View, Payback, and it gives us a backstage look at the angle between Stephanie McMahon and Queen Brie “Mother Earth” Bella. We got to watch her quit and slap the taste out of her boss’ mouth (something I used to fantasized about over and over), and get congratulated by the girls backstage afterwards. With Brie and Daniel Bryan both off the road for the time being, both are forced to think about life after wrestling and what they could possibly do. Coming to the conclusion that they really have no general skills that could help them in the corporate world, not even with Mama Bella’s help, Bryan goes online to look for ideas. Cue music!

Brie and Bryan decide that an eco-friendly bed and breakfast might be their best chance to have a comfortable life after wrestling, and decide to travel to Flagstaff, Arizona to look for the perfect place. They find it in the form of this beautiful, rustic operating B&B that is on acres of land, and immediately Brie is in love. Unfortunately the cost of the property is pretty expensive, and it requires a down payment of at least $150K to secure it. Not wanting to go into debt, Daniel vetoes the idea but Brie is determined to figure out how she can turn her dream into a reality.

Brie puts her plan into motion by inviting Nikki out to happy hour. She proposes that she borrows money from Nikki and John Cena, along with putting some of her own money with it. Nikki seems all for the idea and they hatch a plan for Brie to pay John back at two grand a month, which would pay off the loan in about six years. Later on, when Nikki proposes this to John, he is very quick to shoot it down. He explains his reasonings why, which Nikki does understand, but Brie isn’t so understanding.

She ends up in hot water with Bryan, who is livid she would go back his back and ask for money (he finds out from John), and it causes a bit of tension between the twins, but Nikki really didn’t do anything wrong. The girls end up working things out, and Brie and Bryan come to an understanding that all major decisions needs to be discussed, and no one needs to go behind anyone’s back.

Another one of our couples, Eva Marie and Jonathan, experienced some drama during the Fourth of July weekend. They had made a pact to just enjoy the weekend with their families and Eva Marie’s family’s home, and not discuss their wedding. But of course, that pact is short lived. Eva Marie’s overbearing brothers have to get involve and bring up Jonathan converting, and despite the fact Eva shuts the conversation down, she knows it isn’t going away. When they sit down for dinner, wedding talks comes up. Jonathan’s mom wants them to have whatever type of wedding they both want, and when Eva’s dad asks her what she wants, she admits she wants a Catholic wedding.

Jonathan is upset and rightfully so; Eva did promise to have his back whenever wedding talk came up and about his converting to Catholicism came up. He left the table to avoid a scene, but Eva follows him anyway. He doesn’t want to yell at her, or make the situation worse, and after a moment he is able to calmly explain why he’s so upset. She’s upset as well because of everything going on with her father, and how she wants to have this wedding for him. Jonathan has to remind her that they are married, man and wife, and that she needs to look out for him as well. It leaves Eva with a lot to think about.

She goes back to the party and finds her dad, and finally tells him that Jonathan isn’t going to convert. She’s crying and her dad promises that he is going to support her regardless of what type of wedding they have. Eva brings up the fact that she’s always loved how her mom and dad always have each other’s backs no matter what, and she feels awful she didn’t support Jonathan in front of his mother and her family. Eva’s dad is so awesome in this scene, and you can tell their bond is extremely special to both of them. And in the end, Jonathan and Eva both get to have whatever kind of wedding they want.

And we’ve already seen some of the pictures thanks to social media. I literally can not wait to see the wedding. Eva Marie looks drop dead gorgeous in the photos!

This was a pretty great episode of the show, and it was highlighted by the continuing drama between Natalya and Summer Rae, who made her return to the company after shooting The Marine 4. We got to see a highlight of Nattie kicking Summer off her property again, which made me smile, and the addition of Rosa Mendes just added fuel to the fire. Rosa wasn’t aware of the entire history between the two girls, but got a small dose of it when Summer showed up at the gym Nattie and Rosa were at. Nattie was her typical bitchy self when Summer is involved, and Summer isn’t much better.

Rosa was a little surprised by the situation and decided to play peacemaker between the two. She invited Summer to ride with them and of course, it turned ugly. Nattie was driving and after going back and forth with Summer, Nattie pulls off on the side of the road “in podunk Indiana”, snatches Summer’s luggage out of the car, and decides to physically remove the problem. She grabs Summer by the hair and pulls her from the car. They don’t end up fighting, but it gets pretty close, and Rosa basically has a mental breakdown over all of it. She flips out and makes them all get back in the car, but stops all of them from talking.

It’s probably my favorite scene in Total Divas history.

This episode was amazing. The tease of twin drama is real, and we know it’s coming. I want more Summer/Nattie and Rosa has been a shockingly superb addition to the cast. Next week looks good too with Naomi/Jimmy Uso issues, and more Bella fights. There are no hidden gems this week because I feel like the episode was pretty much a gem in itself. So with that being said, I’ll wrap this up and bid all of you a goodbye for now.

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