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Trish Says She Would Have Returned to Face Kharma, Addresses “Models vs Wrestlers” Debate

Trish in WWE '12

Seven-time WWE Women’s Champion Trish Stratus returns to WWE’s video game series this fall when she’ll be available — for the first time as a brunette — as a downloadable character in WWE ’12.

Trish spoke to about her virtual return to WWE and also weighed in on the current Divas.

Speaking on Kharma, who will be available in the same download pack as Trish’s WWE ’12 character, Trish reveals that she would have come out of retirement to feud with the imposing monster. The imposing Kharma is also a downloadable character in WWE ’12. Would you have loved to step in the ring with that monster?

TRISH: Oh, completely. When she debuted, I think it was one of the first times since I retired where I would have dropped it all to go back and step into the ring with her. That would have been an epic rivalry. I would have loved to have wrestled her. Hopefully, she’ll come back so the WWE Universe can see more of her.

Trish also discusses the current debate amongst the Divas of “models vs wrestlers”, saying:

I think my M.O. is more in line with that of Beth & Natalya. Once I entered WWE, it was a conscious decision for me to not be about modeling anymore — my career focus was all about what I did in the ring. I can, however, relate to Kelly Kelly & Eve. It’s tough, coming from one industry, to try and be taken seriously in another. That’s when it all comes down to just going out and proving yourself. All those girls are capable of doing that and leaving an impact in any world they decide to rock.

Read more of the interview here.

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