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Trish Stratus on Alicia Fox, Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Tara & More


Legendary Diva, Trish Stratus has become the latest veteran to give a rub to young rookie and Diva Dirt favourite, Alicia Fox. Since moving to SmackDown in April and later Raw this past summer, Alicia has earned compliments from the likes of Allison Danger and current WWE Diva, Melina. But is there higher praise from the quintessential 7-time Women’s Champion? I think not!

Trish dropped in on the Live Audio Wrestling show last Sunday to talk about her Raw guest host gig, and put over Alicia Fierce while also bringing light to the main issue of the women’s division today:

I saw Alicia Fox, her in the ring, I was pretty impressed. To be honest, I didn’t know too much about her but I think what’s missing is what I always say is: “I don’t know who that girl is. I know her name and I know she can wrestle but I don’t know what her voice sounds like.” Say I was wrestling at this time and Alicia Fox got introduced and we had this storyline, then you know who she is. She can wrestle and boom, you’ve got yourself a new character. That’s the only thing that’s missing overall in the women because there’s a lot of workers right now that are really good.

Right on the money, Trish! We’ve been saying this forever and ever, the thing missing right now is character development. Not since the days of Trish have the Divas gotten the opportunity to get their characters over, hence why you get so many generic babyfaces and generic heels because there’s not enough effort going into the writing.

Trish also discusses WWE’s rewriting of the history between she and Beth Phoenix on last week’s Raw, given the fact Trish was the one who introduced Beth to the main roster:

Well you know, when they start a storyline and especially if you come in as a face but then you come back as a heel, that doesn’t exist. It’s erased.

Speaking of another rising Diva she’d like to see pushed, Trish strikes out again in picking Natalya:

I want to see more of Natalya and I really want to see them do something with Natalya really badly, because I think she can be so awesome and I think fans can get with her.

And last but not least, Trish offers her insight on her former rival Victoria, now TNA’s Tara jumping from WWE to TNA:

I think it’s great. It was time for her to leave the WWE. It was just time. When she came in she had a good position, I mean she got the belt pretty quickly. I think she’s fantastic in the ring and maybe she was beginning to doubt how great she is in the ring. When you know what you can do and you’re not able to do what you do best, that sucks. I’ve talked to her and she’s enjoying it a lot.

It seems as though Trish is just in tune as the fans, I totally agree with every single point she made.

Bonus scoop: Trish mentions that she’d love to see a new WWE produced DVD on her career and will talk to WWE officials about it. Erm where do we sign up? I don’t buy WWE DVDs usually, but I would most certainly make an exception for a new Trish collection. Though she had the one in 2003, I think a 3-disc total career retrospective complete with bonus discs for some of her most memorable matches like they seem to be doing these days, would be epic!

You can listen to the full episode of LAW by clicking here.

Quotes in this article were transcribed by Diva Dirt, please provide appropriate credit if used elsewhere.

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