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Tweets of the Week: June 27th, 2009

It’s official: Twitter has become a full-blown internet phenomenon. I mean, what’s better than seeing the inner thoughts of your favorite celebs? I’ll tell you what – seeing the inner thoughts of your favorite Divas! That’s why we’ve devised a new weekly feature, titled Tweets of the Week, where we’ll take a look at what the women of wrestling have been tweeting this week: the funny, the poignant, and the random. We’ll scour Twitter and serve it up for you, complete with the requisite Diva Dirt charm.

Starting off this week at #5 is Maria (@MariaLKanellis) watching tearjerker charity show Extreme Home Makeover:

I have to admit, seeing the words “makeover” and “Maria” in close proximity makes me want to run for the hills, but it’s sweet to see anyone with a desire to do good for others. Still, I can’t shake the terrifying image of wall-to-wall leopard print and bedazzled drapery..

At #4, Layla (@mslayel) chats with foe Eve (@EveMarieTorres):

Sounds like a feud for the ages, no? Diva feuds have been settled in the ring, in a cage, even in pools filled with Egg Nog. Is the next logical step a knock down, drag-out fight in the middle of a Bath and Body Works?

#3 brings us Divas Champion Maryse (@Maryse0uellet) paying tribute to the late Farrah Fawcett in a way only she can:

The trademark “feathered” hairdo has always been attributed to Charlie’s most famous Angel, but I thought that trend faded out in the 70’s. Maybe Maryse is three decades late to the party. Hey, I hear that movie Star Wars is pretty good – I bet it’ll be a big hit! I have to say,though , Maryse pulls the look off – Farrah would be proud. Now if you excuse me I need to work on my disco dance moves, amongst other cliché things..

To see the top 2, follow the link:

Dropping in at #2, Daffney (@screamqueendaff) comments on her recent 10,000 Thumbtacks match with Taylor Wilde, not mincing words:

Never before have so few words articulated so much. I can practically feel the tacks! Daffney needs to look into writing Haiku professionally. There’s a lot of potential there.

And topping our list, our first #1, Awesome Kong (@awesomekong) makes a movie reference and displays fiscal responsibility – be still my heart!

Here’s hoping TNA pays its Knockouts well – I don’t want to see Kong serving up food in a deli or sleeping in a ratty van any time soon. Though, it would be cool to have a Bruce Springsteen song written about you. Eh, it’s a bit of a trade-off..

And that’s it for our first-ever Tweets of the Week! Be sure to keep an eye out for your favorite Knockouts and Divas and their tweets of wisdom. For a handy-dandy listing of confirmed Twitterers, check out @divadirt on Twitter and take a look at who we’re following.

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