Monday, September 27, 2021

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Two Former Divas Not Happy with Each Other

Two former WWE Divas are not very happy with each other and have taken their frustrations to, where else, but Twitter and Facebook!

Recently inducted WWE Hall of Famer Sunny, real name Tammy Sytch, and former WWE/Playboy covergirl Ashley Massaro were at the same event over the weekend, and Sunny reportedly vented on her Facebook page that Ashley failed to greet her.

Sunny wrote:

Ashley Massaro can kiss my hof [sic] ass…not once did she introduce herself to me. Not once and she dressed like a stripper.

Ashley fired back on her Twitter page, writing:

Just a few words I’d like to share this may be a bit long so bear w me. When I arrived at wwe I ALWAYS greeted every single talent there w [sic] the utmost respect and made it a point to shake hands n greet everyone my entire tenure. NOW when some piglet talks smack abt [sic] myself n half the divas roster, and then gets bothered by the fact that I did not do same after she bashed myself and my friends, she can go eat another meatball sub n stay the f away from me. Do you honestly think I respect you after the things you said, well I dont n I hope I’ve made that clear. Mind your own life n ill do the same. You got a problem HIT ME UP! dont cowardly talk about me on ur Facebook or in interviews get a life you beached whale and stop with the jealousy cuz [sic] I see right through u. I love my life my fans my punx n my family. Your just pissed cuz the rest of us u tried to throw under the bus haven’t gained 70 pounds. So hate on hater, I’ll be happy living my life n laughing at ur [sic] poor attempts to make others feel bad. You make urself look so foolish talkin bad about others get some self confidence n maybe a diet. Lol

Yikes! Never a dull day, eh?

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