Sunday, December 5, 2021

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Two years ago today, Becky Lynch became The Man

On this day two years ago Becky Lynch changed the game and became “The Man”.

The epic moment came in the lead up to Survivors Series 2018. Team RAW was pitted against Team SmackDown while Lynch and Ronda Rousey were involved in a bitter feud.

Lynch was on an incredible roll and was taking the wrestling by storm with her take-no-prisoners attitude in the ring and especially on social media.

As SmackDown women’s champion, she was on collision course to face Rousey at the pay-per-view.

The blue brand, led by Lynch invaded RAW and all hell broke loose. The duelling brands went at it in the ring. What happened next set in motion one of the greatest rises in WWE if not wrestling history.

A stray hand by Nia Jax busted Becky Lynch’s face and sent her crashing to the ground. Lynch staggered to her feet with blood streaming from her face. She was visibly injured but Becky Lynch was not going to let anything like a broken face get in the way of her moment.

Rousey cleared the ring of competitors but the “Lass Kicker” went on the warpath. Lynch was a woman possessed. She beat Rousey repeatedly with a steel chair. After the attack, Lynch paraded outside the ring like a victorious gladiator in the Roman colosseum.

The image of a bloodied Becky Lynch with arms open wide and a smirk on her face will live on as one the most iconic moments in WWE history.

It was a monumental moment and one that sent “The Man” into the stratosphere and onto one of the best history-making and record-breaking run in all of wrestling.

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