Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Upcoming FCW Spoilers

Spoilers for upcoming episodes of FCW TV:

June 3:
We go to Summer’s office where she announces that Audrey Marie will be in a match tonight. Then Sofia Cortez and Paige enter after Audrey and Caylee Turner leave. Summer tells Sofia that she will face Audrey but then changes her mind and puts Paige in the match. Sofia is not a happy camper.

June 10:
Raquel Diaz came to the interview area and cut a promo and explained why her hair color has changed.

Match Number Two: Audrey Marie defeated Paige (with Sofia Cortez) with a sunset flip. Paige tried to hold on to the ropes but Sofia knocked her hands off the ropes to allow Audrey to win. Sofia was still miffed at the announcement that Paige would be facing Audrey instead of her. She refused to help Paige during the match. (Source)


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