Thursday, October 21, 2021

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Upcoming Impact Wrestling Spoilers

Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling.


* KM & Kongo Kong (with Laurel Van Ness & Sienna) defeated Braxton Sutter (with Allie) & Mahabali Sher. Allie had to stop Laurel from kissing Shera. This lead to Allie hitting a crossbody on Laurel & Sienna. Everyone brawled to the back except the Knockouts. Sienna & Laurel had a 2-on-1 attack on Allie until Rosemary made the save by misting Sienna.

* Eddie Edwards & Alisha Edwards defeated Davey Richards & Angelina Love when Alisha pinned Angelina with a roll-up. Angelina pulled Davey off Eddie afterwards. Davey got a table from under the ring that he slides to Angelina. Angelina powerbombs Alisha through table as Eddie was handcuffed to the ropes being forced to watch.

* Allie (with Braxton Sutter) defeated Amber Nova after a Spicolli Driver.


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