Upcoming Impact Wrestling Spoilers


Below are spoilers for upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling which will air late November to early December


* A second 3 way semifinal for the vacant KO’s title: Sienna vs Rosemary vs Allie. The faces work together early, but it didn’t last long. The finish came when Allie tried for a Code Breaker move, but Rosemary caught her with The Red Wedding to win and will face Laurel Van Ness for the belt.

* KO match: Sienna vs KC Spinelli vs Madison Rayne vs Allie. Allie wins when Sienna goes for her finisher & rolls her up. This could be a number one contenders match.

* Rosemary vs Laurel Van Ness for the vacant Knockouts Title. Good long match aggressive match by the women. In the end, Rosemary is seated on the top turnbuckle and tries to spit mist on Laurel, but Laurel puts her hand up to Rosemary’s mouth to stop most of the mist from getting on her and rubs it into Rosemary’s eyes (the referee had been pushed out of the way Laurel just and didn’t see what happened). Laurel then fools up with an Unprettier with Rosemary still on the top rope to win her first KO’s title. They mentioned this airs on Dec. 14th.