Sunday, August 1, 2021

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Update on Diva Dirt Status

Last night, we were e-mailed by our web host that they could no longer accomodate us on a shared hosting plan, as we are using up too many of their resources. We have been moved to a ‘transitional’ server, which you’ve probably noticed is much slower and loads infrequently. We have been offered a solution to move to a dedicated server that would better cater to us, which we cannot afford to do [prices start at $99 per month].

We’re currently trying to figure out our next step. I am looking at other web hosts, however cannot guarantee anything. I don’t know if we can keep going, I’ll let you know what happens for as long as our current host are ‘gracious’ enough to keep the site up on their ‘transitional server’.

EDIT: Good news guys, we have found a new temporary host while we figure things out. We are transferring there now. Any new comments may be lost.

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