Thursday, October 28, 2021

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Update on Salina de la Renta’s talks with WWE and current status

It was reported earlier in the year that former MLW veteran Salina de la Renta was seen “training” at the WWE Performance Center. This original report came from Fightful who has recently spoken to de la Renta on additional confirmation from her talks with WWE.

In the new report from Fightful, de la Renta confirms that she was in talks with Canyon Ceman about coming into the company, but he was let go in July and those conversations came to a halt. She further added, while she was in talks, she wasn’t asked to cut any promos but instead was asked to do wrestling drills and was not a part of the standard tryout with the company.

“I was at the NXT building, alright,” she confirmed. “Because I’ve seen so many articles about it and I’m like, ‘How did they even see me?’ I literally don’t remember seeing anybody, even. I remember getting there, it was like eight in the morning and it was only Norman Smiley and a few students, so I don’t even know, and how did you even see me?

“So what happened with WWE was I was talking to Canyon at the time, and he got fired. So the person I was talking to was gone. I mean, it looked really good. It seemed pretty good. But surprisingly, they didn’t have me cut any promos. They just wanted me to wrestle.”

She continued, “I don’t know. I think it has to do [with me] being recruited and I wasn’t being brought in as part of a tryout. So I think that’s why it was a little different. But the whole time I was there, I kept saying I kept thinking, ‘Give me a mic. Just let me talk to you. Let me just talk,’ and they just wanted to see me wrestle. After that, well, the thing with Alicia came up, and now, for anybody to get me to not do this and just sign my life away and not do anything, is gonna be really difficult because we’re at the top of the world right now.”

She is now looking to get into the production side of wrestling and has worked recently on commentary. She is wrestling a match against Alicia Atout on this week and she has enrolled into Full Sail University.

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