Update on Sasha Banks vs Bayley rivalry


Sasha Banks and Bayley have been tip toeing around the fact that they are better kayfabe rivals than friends. For more than a year they’ve gone from working together to occasionally stabbing each other in the back.

Fans are clamoring for a return to Sasha’s Boss character from NXT and for a Bayley baby face rebirth. Rumors began circulating that WWE was ready to pull the trigger on restarting the long standing rival that created one of the best Women’s Matches in NXT for WreslteMania 34.

However, now it’s being reported by Dave Meltzer and The Wrestling Observer that the Sasha Banks vs Bayley match is being pulled from the WrestleMania card. While the match was just speculation, he believes that WrestleMania’s card, which projects to have 14 matches, will be too packed for a singles match between Banks and Bayley. Instead, their budding feud is likely to be used as a part of the freshly renamed WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal.

Meltzer and The Wrestling Observer is also reporting that it won’t be Sasha who turns, it will be Bayley who will receive renewed life as a heel.

According to Meltzer, Bayley’s heel turn is still planed but is taking longer to develop than originally expected. Originally, she was supposed to team with Elias against John Cena and Nikki Bella over the weekend but she was pulled from the match.

While Bayley hasn’t been officially evil, she has been uncharacteristically cold. Her rivalry with Sasha Banks has gone from professional to personal in recent weeks and WWE will likely use this platform to Bayley to officially become a villain.

WrestleMania will already break the glass ceiling for women in terms of match numbers, there will be 4 women’s matches on the card, even if the Battle Royal is on the pre-show. The matches include:

What do you think about this rumor? Who do you think should turn? Would you like to see Bayley as a villain or do you want Sasha’s NXT Boss character back? When do you think they should meet in the ring? How would you book this feud moving forward? Sound off in the comments below.