Sunday, August 1, 2021

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Vanessa Borne provides comment on her WWE release

Vanessa Borne, who was one of four women to be released from WWE yesterday, commented on her release from the company on her social media. Borne who was signed with the company in 2016 hadn’t been utilized on WWE programming in the past 18-months. She was a member of the NXT brand but was rumored to have been called up to the main roster last year.

In her comment, she acknowledges the 18-month absence. She goes on to and thank WWE for the opportunity for the past five years, the fans, and even the trolls online. She comments on the toxicity of the social media trolls and says it shouldn’t be hard to be a decent human being, especially to someone you don’t even know.

She says she is really excited for the next chapter of her life, she has no hard feelings, and good energy.

Current AEW talent and former WWE talent Tay Conti made a comment on the release of Borne.

Other released talent such as Skyler Story (Brandi Lauren) and Jessamyn Duke have commented as well.

Jessamyn Duke confirmed that she will be staying with UpUpDownDown.

“As far as this stuff goes, nothing is changing. My stream, my channel, all of that is the same. More importantly than that, I want all of you to know; UpUpDownDown is still my home. BRE Start is not going anywhere. Everyone can relax, sit back, and enjoy knowing that tomorrow [Friday] a brand new episode of BRE Start will be premiering. We still have BRE Fridays and have BRE content coming out of our ears. That’s not going anywhere. Basically, what I’ve been doing the last six months or so is exactly what I’m going to keep doing. I know I have an immense amount of support and it is overwhelming. I appreciate you guys. UpUpDownDown is my home, they have my back, we are in this together, and we are family.” [h/t Fightful]

The fourth woman released, Kavita Devi hasn’t commented at this time.

Diva Dirt wishes all four of these women the best in whatever the future holds for them.

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