Monday, August 2, 2021

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Victoria Answers Critics (in Her Usual Dignified Manner)


One of our favourite, beloved ex-Divas turned TNA Knockout, Victoria aka Lisa Marie aka Tara, has written a new MySpace blog covering all the points of criticism that have been raised in the weeks since she joined TNA Wrestling. Among them, Lisa addresses why she left WWE, why she decided to go to TNA and even addresses how it may affect her status in the WWE Hall of Fame — a point raised here at Diva Dirt by myself.

Rather than post an excerpt, here is the entire blog, because I think it’s worth reading:

A few people have asked me why I chose to go to TNA. Not nearly as many as have suggested that I go to TNA over the past couple years, but it has been been asked. Before I can answer that, I have to address why I left WWE. I left because I didn’t enjoy my role, and I didn’t see it changing. That, in addition to the brutal travel schedule, made it an easy choice for me to walk away and leave the opportunity available to one of the scores of female wrestlers who were anxiously awaiting their chance.

TNA approached me with the offer to come to their organization, work a less rigorous schedule, and more importantly, wrestle to the best of my ability with no limitations.

Several people have debated whether this will effect my chance at one day being elected into the WWE Hall of Fame. I am flattered at my name even being mentioned with such an honor. And whether or not you believe that I am worthy, I really don’t think that WWE will hold it against me for doing other things after I left. I truly believe that I gave 100% every day with WWE, and that I went above and beyond what was expected of me. I think that if I am happy with my choices, then they are happy for me. Of course they took me off their website. They can’t promote talent with another organization. But again, I’d like to think that on a personal level, they are happy for me.

The only serious considerations I had were 1) Would I still be able to train for MMA? 2) Do I miss wrestling and want to do it on a regular basis? 3) Can I entertain TNA fans in a way that they deserve to be entertained?

I believe so to all three. I still have time to dedicate to MMA. I definitely miss wrestling. And my goal is not only to be the best in a very tough Knockout division, but to elevate the performance of the entire division.

Thursday night on TNA Impact on SpikeTV I have my first match in about five months, and my first in a six sided ring. For those who haven’t seen TNA recently, I think you should tune in. Because for those of you who do, you’ll see a female wrestler in the best shape of her life, at the top of her game, beginning a new journey.

So there you have it. It’s finally all out in the open. Never before has Lisa really talked about why she left WWE without skirting around it, but I think she’s talking to us fans here ‘on a level’ here, and I really admire that. She is a classy, dignified lady and I really appreciate the way she doesn’t for lack of a better term, bullshit fans.

I personally, have had mixed feelings about her going to TNA but throughout, I’ve understood why she may want to go there and as a fan, I respect her decision. I have seen a lot of horrible comments on message boards and stuff about her being a ‘liar’ or whatnot, she doesn’t need to appease us fans but the way she’s handled herself in this blog should be admired and respected.

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