Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Video: Brie Bella on Daniel Bryan’s Retirement, Her Divas Title Match at Fastlane

Brie Bella was the guest on this week’s sitdown interview with Michael Cole, discussing her husband Daniel Bryan‘s retirement and her own Divas Title opportunity against Charlotte at Fastlane.

Brie says Daniel was very emotional upon touching down in Seattle, but the moment he arrived backstage, his spirits lifted. When his show-ending speech came closer, he started breaking down again, and she wasn’t sure that he’d be able to pull it together. He did, though, she felt so proud to see him do it. She says it was probably the proudest she’s ever been of him, but it “kills” her to know that he’s done with wrestling, because she knows it’s his passion. She wishes they could switch positions.

On the role reversal of her becoming “the wrestler” of the couple, Brie says Daniel will always be known as a wrestler, but acknowledges that she is the only one with the official title. She admits that she hasn’t stopped to think about how her own career is changing. While it’s empowering to be the one with the big career, she says it is a bit devastating to no longer share it with him. Brie says she’ll work to make him proud, crediting him with getting her to where she is in the ring today.

When the topic shifts to her Divas Title match at Fastlane, Brie shares the feeling of vulnerability she’s experiencing, seeing her husband retire and not having her sister Nikki to lean on. No matter what, though, she has the strength inside to absorb the hurtful words Charlotte’s said about her family and use it to drive her at Fastlane.

Brie delivers a few words directly to Charlotte, telling her that “momma bear” and the “lioness” is out and promising to win the Diva Championship at Fastlane. She says she will dedicate that win to Nikki and stand in in the middle of the ring, chanting, “YES! YES! YES!”

Watch the full interview below:

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