Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Video: Lana and Rusev on Their Wedding, “Going All the Way” & More

Fresh off her return to Raw this Monday, Lana and Rusev joined Michael Cole on this week’s sit-down interview on

On her claim that she never went “all the way” with Dolph Ziggler, Lana said she’s always been a “good girl” and has always told the truth. She says her father, a Russian minister, taught her to save herself for marriage, and that is what she’s doing.

When confronted with statements from Summer Rae that contradicted his own claims on “going all the way”, Rusev asks if Cole is calling him a liar. This makes Cole back down.

Lana divulges more information on their relationship, saying that Rusev was always her best friend. She says that’s why it was so hard on her when they fought a few months ago. She reveals that, while she looked strong at the time, it was actually devastating for her.

Rusev says he loves Lana with all his heart, and though he may have not always shown it, they’ve moved past their differences. He says they’re looking forward to their wedding.

While discussing their life after marriage, Cole asks how they will handle the grueling WWE schedule and sometimes being apart. Rusev talks about using social media apps to keep his Ravishing Russian close.

They say their wedding will be “full of traditions”, describing the wedding traditions of his native Bulgaria and her native Russia. Lana says they will have two weddings: one in Bulgaria and a three-day celebration in Russia. The first will be on September 2nd. Rusev says they have American friends who are invited to the wedding, but they will not be having a celebration in the United States. It will not be televised.

Watch the full interview below:

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