Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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Videos: Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell Talk About Their Rivalry

Tonight on Impact Wrestling, Madison Rayne and Taryn Terrell will go one-on-one, allowing the former friends to act on their newfound animosity.

To hype the match, both Taryn and Madison have posted videos to each give their side of the story.

In her video, Taryn talks about Madison’s two betrayals, stealing the win in the number one contendership match and then leaving her high and dry in their tag match. Taryn claims that she once believed that Madison was a close friend of hers, but now that they’re at odds, she’s not holding back.

In a response to Taryn’s video, Madison says her stealing the win was just her taking advantage of an opportunity she was given. She doesn’t see herself as the “bad guy” and claims that Taryn was only a “work associate”. They may have communicated a bit more recently due to their pregnancies, but they weren’t close friends.

Watch the videos below:

Madison and Taryn face off tonight on Impact Wrestling. Tune in at 9pm ET on Spike TV.

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