Winners & Losers: RAW Reunion 07/22/19


The RAW Reunion is officially over and there were many women featured at the event. One thing that is still confusing is why Alicia Fox was grouped in with the alums when she is on the current roster. Regardless it was great to see her and how happy she was, especially in the ring at the end of the show. Let’s all agree that she is already a legend.

There wasn’t a woman’s match at this event which was a letdown. They could have definitely added in at least one match seeing as they had a Braun Strowman squash match for no reason. With the number of women that returned they could have at least put together a match for some of them such as Melina or Kaitlyn.

The main focus for the women were the alums fighting for the 24/7 Championship. Kelly Kelly became the first woman in history to win the title. This changed as Candice Michelle won it from Kelly and Alundra Blayze won it from Candice.

Blayze would later sell the title to Ted DiBiase instead of dropping it in a trash can. This was an homage to when she dropped the WWF Women’s Championship in the trash when she went to WCW. The title would get back around to R-Truth who was the original titleholder going into the night. He leaves in a limo with Rene Michelle as Drake Maverick is left kicking and screaming as Carmella stands by watching.

The RAW Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch, was the guest on A Moment of Bliss this week. Lynch didn’t get a chance to even open her mouth before Natalya comes out. The two exchange some words which caused Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to just sip their coffee in the background. Their words quickly led to the two exchanging blows. The two were broken up by officials.

Since there wasn’t a woman’s match of the night, their brawl could have maybe happened earlier in the night and the two could have brawled backstage throughout the night. Just a thought.

It was good to see all the returning women. At least they let the majority of them interact instead of just standing on stage. It would have been nice to see Melina at least get her entrance after all these years.

Chyna was mentioned by Road Dogg as D-Generation X were all together in the ring. Her spirit was definitely present for RAW Reunion.

Let’s discuss the Winners & Losers this week.

WINNER: Kelly Kelly


Kelly Kelly became the first woman to become the 24/7 Champion. Although after all the work Carmella has put into the storyline it would have been nice if she would have received this honor. Regardless, at least they decided to finally involve the women even if it was a one-off with the alums.

WINNERS: Carmella and Renee Michelle

Both of these ladies are doing a wonderful job involving themselves in the 24/7 Championship storyline. This is really what is missing nowadays as a connection when the women are paired with the men but with a purpose. Renee Michelle is actually a great talent not just outside the ring but inside the ring as well. Hopefully, she officially gets signed and starts having some matches. Her facing Carmella would be a nice start.

WINNER: Natalya

Natalya is doing a great job so far with her work on the mic against “The Man.” Her backstage interview after her brawl with the champion showed more personality and fire from her then we have seen in a while. It isn’t very clear as to who is supposed to be the heel between these two. Natalya hasn’t always been the best at playing a heel character so it will be interesting how this will work out.

LOSER: There really weren’t any losers this week. As a wrap up from seeing all the legends in the ring at the end of the show, we will abstain from having any losers from RAW this week.

Who would your Winners & Losers be for this week’s RAW? Did you enjoy the RAW Reunion? What else would you have liked to have seen? Discuss your thoughts in the comment section!!

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  1. If y’all complain idk what to tell you, did you really think we were gunna get dream matches and Evolution 2? As if you’ve never watched WWE lmao

    Anywayssss, the segments were fun and yass Kelly Kelly becoming the first ever woman 24/7 champion and declaring to come for Becky and Brocks titles!

    Bummed Melina didn’t get to do more, but there’s always the rumble! And Eve is still the most beautiful out there, what a queen

  2. I would of loved to see a march with them (well f*ck it, Melina and Alicia fox lol) but the night was still cute.

    In that last picture they all look so fantastic! The lady in the middle between Melina and Kaitlyn, is that Dana Warrior? I thought for a second it was Jillian.

  3. They did far more than I expected, and I popped for Kelly winning the 711 championship. Alundra looked scary, like mean church lady scary. It was pretty fun overall, but since Alundra sold the belt, does that mean she technically vacated it? Lol I need to know!

  4. If y’all complain idk what to tell you, did you really think we were gunna get dream matches and Evolution 2? As if you’ve never watched WWE lmao

    Anywayssss, the segments were fun and yass Kelly Kelly becoming the first ever woman 24/7 champion and declaring to come for Becky and Brocks titles!

    Bummed Melina didn’t get to do more, but there’s always the rumble! And Eve is still the most beautiful out there, what a queen

  5. Tonight was fun and it reminded me that’s what wrestling should be. Amidst all the stan wars, the drama and the beef we tend to forget about why we all love wrestling so much, lol thanks Stone Cold. Glad to see the Divas being represented throughout the show and being in some funny segments.


  6. Alicia looked absolutely stunning! I like Kaitlyn’s new look. Kelly and Candice looked great. Loved the 24-7 shenanigans with all the female legends! Alundra and the trash can moment was a great throwback. Shame the audience missed the historical reference and didnt react like they should have. Nice to see Torrie too!

    Melina should return full time as a ref but transition into a wrestler again down the line! Jillian deserved more of a moment! Missed opportunity for her not to interact with Elias.

    Good progression with Natalya and Becky!

  7. No in ring women match tonight when I thought Moment of Bliss gonna set up Becky and Natalya vs Alexa and Nikki when they love babyface champ teaming with babyface challenger to see it there’s miscommunication between them.

    Becky brought up Ronda may indicate that Ronda gonna returned at Summerslam after Becky retains and start feuding with her.

  8. One of my favorite RAW shows ever, this show overall was perfect. They really brought back all the legends and so many divas interacting (poor Jillian was the only one just standing there. I was hoping for a little bit of singing with Elias). Even Alicia Fox looked stunning on that dress as well as on all the time WWE have to her on tonight’s show.

    I’m not going to complain about the fact that we didn’t have any women’s matches as well as the lame “Moment of Bliss” segment, the Divas Legends segments were on point and shocking, having the 24/7 title changing hands for three women’s Kelly, Candice (another diva who was missing for so long) and Alundra, a totally move from WWE. Of course I was expecting more from Melina but she was there after all this years and I couldn’t be happier.

    I’m still hoping for an “EVOLUTION 2” announcement with all this women’s returning to face the newbies or at least gave them a proper return to the ring in the Royal Rumble next year.

  9. felt so refreshing to see so many back stage segments with these divas… they still look ten times better with there presence then more than half of the current female superstars… felt weird knowing how these ladies are still not employed when they look better then before and half there age!!!

  10. “What was Alicia Fox doing out there with the legends and hall of famers? She will never sniff legend or hall of fame status. I don’t even know how she still has a job? She’s not even a has been, she’s a never was”

    Erm harsh but I agree.

    • – 1st & only African American Divas Champion
      -Was involved in the Women’s Revolution storyline along with the Bellas that brought in the new age of women’s wrestling
      – Survivor Series team captain
      – Longest tenured female in WWE history & counting

          • Moolah was signed with the current owner of WWE (Vincent Kennedy McMahon) in some form from 1983-2007. Moolah died about 3 months after her last on screen appearance with WWE.

          • Now you know very well she mostly made 1 time appearances once every couple years or so with Mae Young, not an active competitor such as Alicia Fox

        • Everyone most definitely was not involved in that storyline it was Team Bella vs Team PCB vs Team BAD, no SS captain wasn’t really an official role that ppl had to fight for until recent years, and the longest tenured is obviously an accomplishment, but go off..

  11. Winners: Legend Legend – leaving one for the history books again.

    Candice Michelle – although having a cringy pose off and victory dance after winning the title she never the less did win the title.

    Ke$h… I mean Jillian Hall

    That old lady who won the title and wanted to trash it in the garbage.

    Ruby Riott recovered from her injury and even debuted new hairstyle and face gimmick.

    Melina despite all of us wanting to see more from her at least she is now a licensed ref. So holla holla at your girl if you need a ref for MYC III.

    Losers: Torrie Wilson didn’t do much sadly.

    Eve: ??

    Alicia Fox if that’s the way to announce her retirement looooord ill throw hands. also no shade but they didn’t even gave her a beer during the SCSA segment ??

    Maryse: was advertised but did she even appear?

  12. Disappointing showcase. I missed basically everything that happened because the segments were super quick & then I was over it by the time I got to the War Radiers match. I’m still stuck on how the most anticipated return literally came back & was a ….referee?? lol Chile

  13. So my expectations for this RAW werent great so I definitely wasnt disappointed in what we got. I LOVED Kelly and Candice winning the 24/7 title. Kind of wish Torrie or even Jillian to make both of her title wins the shortest reigns but Alundra won it so thats whatever. I’m glad to see Melina being used in ANY form and if she is in fact a referee I’d LOVE to see her as a ref for NXT. She’d be great for their division down there if they were to allow her to mix it up with the girls. Especially the newer girls who still need some more training. She can ref and also be a coach which I think she’d give a lot of knowledge and guidance for the women since she’s worked the MR before so she’ll know how to prepare the girls for the bigger crowds. Becky and Nattie’s segment was alright but I was confused when Nattie said that Becky hasnt shown her any ounce of respect as if we’re supposed to forget about the time Nattie turned on Becky mid-match when they were on SDL? You’re expecting respect from someone you turned on mid-match? I’m confused on that. I’m also confused on why Bliss is in a Burger King commercial when her ass got mad at Nia for eating a bacon burger after she got Larry-Steve… fake ass vegetarian lol

    • Melina has a match scheduled for LGBTQ Wrestling next month & a title match in the new MORE (Masters of Ring Entertainment) fed vs Lisa Marie Varon in September. Since it’s MORE’s 1st ever show, I can’t believe Varon would win just to vacate the new belt a few months later. Either Melina wins that title or the match has no winner (double DQ or an NWA style double pin). No way would WWE let her win an indy title if she was reffing FT in WWE or NXT.

      I guarantee if Melina was signed to be a ref in WWE or NXT, both of those bookings would’ve been cancelled by now. I’d actually put her in the Loser category. Based on her own social media posts, she cut short a trip in Ireland, arrived that morning in Tampa & then flew back to London to appear this weekend at LFCC for that little bit on Raw Reunion. Either WWE paid her a ton for her extra airfare coming & going from the UK made it a financial wash for her. If she basically did that little “joke ref” stint for free, I’d call that a loss.

  14. Could have given us some divas era feeling like a baby shower for maryse and maria… and then have the angle where maria flips on everyone and mike cause something went wrong like sharing a shower with maryse and because her character is mentally flippy… that would have been refreshing to see the divas celebrate or a seg like that!!

  15. I didn’t enjoy the show, but I never really enjoy these “special episodes,” since nothing really happens. I am glad that the divas were actually given a role (except Jillian…) and I must say that Kelly Kelly, Eve, and Kaitlyn are even more gorgeous now than they were a decade ago. Say what you will about that era of women, but they LOOKED like superstars!

    What’s odd, is that Alicia was so heavily involved with the past divas but Natalya didn’t interact with them at all. Her putting down her former peers would have given her character some edge in her current rivalry with Becky.

  16. Sucks there was no women’s match, but like, who was actually surprised by that? Did not see that coming, in them giving Kelly Kelly, Candice, and Alundra a quick 24/7 championship title reign, but that definitely opens the door to more women eventually getting involved. And eventually the women (I am thinking Nikki Cross?) could win the title and keep it for more than a commercial break.

    Extra cool moment with Alundra and the garbage can, though I fear that moment was lost on many of the youthz of today.

  17. Sucks there was no women’s match, but like, who was actually surprised by that? Did not see that coming, in them giving Kelly Kelly, Candice, and Alundra a quick 24/7 championship title reign, but that definitely opens the door to more women eventually getting involved. And eventually the women (I am thinking Nikki Cross?) could win the title and keep it for more than a commercial break.

    Extra cool moment with Alundra and the garbage can, though I fear that moment was lost on many of the youthz of today.

      • Yes it was her retirement match, but here she is two years after that match she returned to Raw and got physical a little bit. I don’t think she’ll have a full match like singles or even tag team match but a royal rumble appearance is possible because she doesn’t have to wrestle for too long, one minute or two minute is enough for her to have her moment and do her signature moves.

  18. No losers? At the very least :

    -Jillian that didn’t even get to say a single word.
    -Naomi looking stupid letting Legend Legend get beat up and do nothing
    -Naomi just standing there and not even try to get the 24/7 title from Candice or Alundra
    -No women’s match

    I get what this show was, but there clearly were some losers last night and it sucks. I’m fine with the 24/7 shenanigans and how the women were involved with it yesterday. I’m just not fine with us getting a really short segment and Jillian not even saying a word.

      • All the women were in the ring once Stone Cold Steve Austin invited them there. Jillian even ducked & tried not to get splashed by his flying beers. A later picture backstage seems to indicate she didn’t win that battle. Poor Jillian. Nothing to do & going home wet with beer. At least the booking check didn’t bounce.

  19. Losers: me for watching and thinking we’d get a Women’s Division match at all last night when all these old a$$ men took the spotlight over and over again. S/O to the Divas for making out the most of the time they were given?? Today’s women could never lmaoo

      • Yes and no. Yes, all these women are involved in 1st ever matches, but if the booking to and after those matches is crap, then I’d there really something to celebrate? Take a look at the IronWoman match and HIAC between Flair and Banks or the first MITB match or the 1st Women’s Elimination Chamber Match or the 1st Women’s WM Main event. What exactly stands out from them? Yes, they were history making and the women delivered (for the most part), but what exactly (in terms of storytelling and booking) is different now from the Divas era? Our women, absent Ronda and the Bellas (I guess) are treated as afterthoughts. Looking at last night, the women only received 1/10 of the tv time and the only actual Women from the MR featured were the same 4 women that were featured last week. So what exactly is different? Yes the women delivered as already said, but what exactly can they do to sell a storyline. If we’re being real, Becky, Alexa, Sasha and Charlotte (to a certain extent tho I love her) are the only ones capable of selling ppl on a storyline. In ring wise, they’re great, but if they’re handed more opportunities and are still less able to sell a story, does it even matter?

        • How do you know only those women are capable when more than half the women haven’t been given opportunities to show their full potential? You really can’t make a statement like that without facts to back it up TBH.

          • My sis Dana… I love her and all but she was given an opportunity under Flair in 2016 and sadly she couldn’t live up to. Nia has consistently been given opportunities only to be inconsistent- one moment she takes the ball and other moments, she drops it. Tamina was given an opportunity under Nia and in SD Live to be a powerhouse, only to flop again. The list goes on with the likes of Sarah Logan, Mandy Rose, and Ruby Riott, who at some points have been booked to look like a threat to the titleholders, only for them to fail to capture the audience’s attention and be booked back into irrelevancy (mind you, Ruby deserves more than she’s been given).

          • lol did you really just say all those women were pushed to their full potential? The nerve. The only one who was close to that was Nia. None of the others you named got anywhere near a big push. Stop it lol

          • No but at one point or another, they got featured more than the others, and unfortunately, they were given the ball, but didn’t run with it… so

          • Given the ball? Girl that never happened. Getting the ball is getting a push like Alexa or the horse women. None of them had that so why are you lying? Makes no sense. I’m flabbergasted you’re saying they had opportunities because honest to god that’s far from the truth.

          • Girl they were given the spotlight over other ppl to show their characters. If that’s not being given the ball, then idk what is. Pls stop being delusional

          • Okay you really need to sit down and shut up if you don’t know you’re history.
            Case 1) Dana when she was paired briefly with Emma and subsequently, with Charlotte. The whole point was not only to make Charlotte look like a côward Champ, but to make Dana her lap dog and a top heel. Hence here flop feud with Bayley later that year. Unfortunately, she was unable to ge the ball rolling bc the crowd could really not have cared less about her, making the Dana Brooke experiment a failure

          • Again, when have any of them gotten a push like Charlotte and Alexa and now Becky? Yea boo that never happened. I don’t know why you are. Making it up it’s honestly pointless.

          • A push is a push regardless. Look at Becky. She was getting a small push last year, but because SHE TOOK THE BALL AND RAN WITH IT, IT LED TO WWE CHANGING THEIR PLANS. It’s online. Sounds like you’re the one desperately making shit up. Open your eyes and think a little more before posting hun?

          • She didn’t run with it they gave her the platform and didn’t stop like they do with 99% of the other women. Also you are forgetting that Becky had many opportunities unlike other women as she is part of the Horse women and was the first SD champ. So yea using Becky as an example is not a good idea lol, keep trying I’ll wait. Oh yea, a push is a push? Lol sis did you fall on your head? Learn the definition of a push dear.

          • 2) Tamina: pairing get with Nia was to push her as a monster “Samoan slaughterhouse” team and give her credence as a fearful heel Tag Team. While the crowd booed Nia in some aspects, they could really not have cared less for Tamina. She really got a bigger push and more attention than other talented women, like Ruby Riott, ASUKA, Kairi, etc. and yet, TAMINA was on the main card

      • Becky and Nattie were given more time than the past divas to start selling their storyline…and it was meh (borderline cringe)… they’re masterful in ring, but in delivering with their storylines and getting ppl interested, they need to heat it up. Look at how Beth and Kelly, or Melina and Mickie sold their stories in comparison to what we have today

        • No one cares about those women and their stories though except true diva fans. Today people care women fans and casuals because WWE put more effort compared to back in the Kelly era. Maybe you meant to say certain women of today could never but certainly not all of them.

    • We need confirmation for this! If she did retire, all the reports of WWE liking her backstage and always supporting her is true or she would not have been treated the way she was treated last night.

    • The report I heard is Foxy’s contract was converted into a Legends deal. Thus, calling her a Legend & her actually talking about it backstage. I also heard she hasn’t retired from in ring competition but won’t be used full time. I’d still expect to see her at the women’s Rumble & Wrestlemania battle royal + maybe if they need an extra body for a traditional Survivor Series team match.

    • It’s reported that she is officially an on-air talent but no word if she’s officially signed a contract or paid per appearance. I am hoping they do sign her and I want a match with Carmella as well! They definitely should book a mixed tag match at SummerSlam!

  20. I’m glad they used the women for the prop title, but they really should’ve let Jillian and Melina in on the action too! Or atleast give them a tag match or something?

    Whoever said not to get our hopes up was right though, so I was just happy to see them again. Candice lost a little weight and looks amazing, Torrie somehow still looks the hottest of them all, and Kelly looked great too. I’m glad they had fun with that comedy belt. I loved Alundra/Madusa choking out Candice, I think she got really into it.