Women Can Wrestle – WrestleMania 34


After a long hiatus due to production turn around and a new job with additional hours, we were finally able to finalize and bring to you our sizable WrestleMania 34 (and NXT Takeover New Orleans) review!  This will be the last of the “bloated” episodes and future installments of Women Can Wrestle will feature more bite-sized 10 minute pieces.  We’re very interested in keeping the original episode-a-week plan, so I’m very sorry that scheduling fell apart so quickly.

Thanks for sticking with us through all this!  Dustin & Eric hope you enjoy the episode and any feedback you wish to toss our way to help shape our future would be MORE than appreciated!  We love you guys almost as much as we love women’s wrestling!


      • Charlotte didn’t need to break the streak. She already has a ton of accolades. They also made Asuka look really weak by having her tap out quickly to a one-armed Figure-8. Also, it just made the streak seem like a waste of time by not having Asuka win the title. It was like when the Patriots had a perfect season but lost the Super Bowl.

        I also think racism played a part in the decision to have Charlotte win, and I felt the same about the Charlotte/Sasha feud.

        • Rumor has it that Wrestlemania 35’s main event will be Rousey VS Charlotte for the title and that all of this is making Charlotte look strong going into that feud. No idea how accurate that is though.

        • i agree with the Sasha case for sure, that she’s not on top like she should be due to racism, i also believe that’s the reason Naomi waited almost 10 years for her push and the reason they treat Alicia Fox like she’s Rosa Mendes

  1. I’m glad to hear someone else was fond of Shayna vs Ember too!! I thought it was good and I loved the use of the word “radical” here, I agree.? But I must say Embers entrance made my ears bleed lmao

    I totally agree about the booking of the Sasha/Bayley fued, for two girls that can do what we all know they can, it’s so annoying that they aren’t going full throttle with this fued. I thought the women’s battle royal was cute, I liked the story that Sasha and Bayley’s tension caused them both to lose, and I was happy with Naomi winning, she deserves it, wish Sasha would’ve won tho. But I completelyyyyy disagree that this match was better than the women’s rumble. Btw, can Peyton bring that gear back??

    The Char vs Asuka match was amazing for me, and I’m glad the streak ended. If it had not, we would have gotten ANOTHER year of 100% predictable Asuka wins, and we probably wouldn’t have got the Carmella reign we have now. I totally agree with the mention of the streak being Asuka’s character. That is why I think that after she lost the streak, Asuka should have turned heel. She’s still face as of now, and I’m completely burnt out on her. With someone as talented and intriguing as Asuka is, there should be no problem giving her character a background, which it needs. I wasn’t completely thrilled with Charlegeddon being the one to end the streak, but it makes sense tbh. To me, Charlotte getting this is just another example of WWE ripping something from Sasha Banks. The story of Sasha becoming obsessed with the streak that was starting to develop was more interesting, and the match would have been even better. Maybe one day Sasha will get the main roster moment/reign that she deserves.????? But this match could’ve very well been the main event for me.

    Ronda and Kurt vs HHH and Steph was the most entertaining match of the night for me, tho I agree that it did feel a little too long, but still, not too long to turn me off. I loved the inter gender stuff. Ronda did like super super good, and that’s relieving to know that we can expect future good matches from her. I do wish the authority would have won here, but of course they didn’t. Lol

    Alexa vs Nia was cute for what it ended up being, both women did good and looked great, but I couldn’t help but be irritated at how much offense Alexa was getting in. I definitely think that considering how sucky the end of Alexa’s reign was and how their storyline was played out with Alexa running from Nia, the match should’ve been shorter and more lopsided towards Nia.

    In all, I really enjoyed Wrestlemania this year, as well as this video! :) I love the humor in these, keep em coming!