Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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WWE.com Wants to Bring Back Women’s Tag Team Championship

In the latest article in its “Bring It Back!” series, WWE.com wants to see the return of the Women’s Tag Team Championship.

The belts were introduced in 1983 but dropped just six years later. During the belts’ run, they were perhaps most notably held by the Glamour Girls and the Jumping Bomb Angels.

WWE.com argues that with so many Diva tandems such as Eve & Kelly Kelly, the Bella Twins and Beth Phoenix & Natalya, it would make sense for the belts to make a comeback.

The article says:

In more than any other type of match WWE has to offer, the Divas have showcased their tremendous abilities in tag team action – an arena in which they have excelled time and time again. It stands to reason that since they are taking such an active role in this particular level of competition, there should be championship gold in place for which to compete.

It continues:

Without question, Beth Phoenix & Natalya have exhibited a spirit of dominance similar to that of Demolition, The Bella Twins the tag team savvy of the Hart Foundation and Kelly Kelly & Eve the explosive charisma of current WWE Tag Team Champions “Air Boom.”

By throwing such a grand prize like the Women’s Tag Team Titles back into play, WWE would add a crucial dimension to today’s Divas picture, raising the stakes on their matches overall while adding to their stunning nature that has captivated the WWE Universe over the years.

Read the full piece here.

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