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WWE Main Event Redux (March 4th, 2014): Nikki Puts Alicia on the Rack

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Main Event Redux. This week’s episode of Main Event was live on the WWE Network and thankfully, WWE started this new change to their programming schedule as they mean to go on, by including the Divas! It’s a partial rematch from Monday Night Raw in this installment as Nikki Bella takes on the woman she pinned on Raw, Alicia Fox. Will Alicia put those long legs to good use and nail a Scissors Kick or will Nikki hit The Rack for the win?


Out first this week, it’s Nikki and Brie Bella looking beautiful in blue. If you were unaware that they are billed from Scottsdale, Arizona, you still would have been if it wasn’t for me as like usual, Tony Chimel couldn’t be bothered to say where the Divas came from. Out next, it’s Ponte Vedra Beach’s finest export, Alicia Fox. Of course, Alicia is matching her attire to her companion’s, the Lithuanian llama lover, Askana.

The match begins with Alicia applying a side headlock after getting the best of the opening grapple. Nikki shoves her off yet she rebounds with a shoulder block. After talking some trash, Alicia runs towards the ropes and I really like what happened next.

Instead of the usual duck and dive flurry of moves, Alicia grabbed the ropes and went to elboe drop Nikki instead. Unluckily for Alicia, Nikki dodges the elbow drop and hits an array of wristlocks. The Total Divas cast member then hits a fireman’s carry takeover before wrenching Alicia’s arm some more. Alicia eventually breaks free, forcing Nikki towards the ropes, yet Nikki makes a comeback with a slick headscissor takeover. Nikki keeps on the offensive by skyrocketing Alicia across the ring with a monkey flip and she then scales to the middle rope. Aksana jumps onto the apron to provide a distraction, which works perfectly, as Alicia kicks the bottom rope, sending Nikki flying.

After a quick succession of covers, Alicia clamps Nikki with a headscissors as Brie looks on, trying to get the crowd behind her sister. COME ON NIKKI! NIKKI! COME ON NIKKI!


Nikki pushes Alicia down using her leg strength and get a two count, which makes Alicia break her submission. After reversing an Irish whip, Nikki misses a dropkick attempt as Alicia yet again grabs to ropes. That’s one ring savvy Fox! Lic’ shows off her bloomin’ marvellous bridge next in the form of a northern lights suplex, yet that also can only net a near fall. After continuing to work over the head and neck on the second rope, Alicia writhes Nikki’s head area with a classic chinlock.

After a struggle, the girls have a test of strength in a backslide position. Surprisingly, none of them go for the pin I expected, and it’s Nikki who gets the upper hand, backflipping over Alicia before hitting a clothesline. I smell a comeback!

Following a dropkick, Alicia is in a spin before bring dropped on Nikki’s knee. Look at me doing some accidental poetry! The bustier Bella then hits a back body drop before Aksana makes her sultry presence felt yet again. Brie trips her from the apron yet Alicia takes advantage of the kerfuffle and rolls Nikki up for the win!


After kicking out of the pin, Nikki scoops Alicia to her shoulder and brutalises her with The Rack for the win!

Thoughts: Another great win for Nikki, a further rung down the ladder for Alicia. Unless Nikki is being given all these wins to promote her for her spot in the rumoured multi-Diva WrestleMania match, this win is practically pointless as she’s always winning, so it would have been nice to see Alicia win for once. On the other hand though, as the Champion is heel, Alicia won’t be getting a shot anytime soon, so some people could argue she doesn’t need the win. I’m just worried that once the belt is around the wasit of another Diva, Alicia can’t be taken seriously as she loses all the time. Let’s hope that won’t be the case.

Onto the match, it was pretty standard with a few interesting spots. My highlight was definitely the intriguing way in that Alicia grabbed the ropes earlier on to stop the cliched duck-and-dive sequence a lot of the time. I’m a major fan of Nikki’s moveset now too, especially when she plonks her opponent’s face into her knee. Alicia sold that like Meryl Streep would. Good spot.

Onto SmackDown now and I hope we can see some storyline progression, whether these Divas are involved or not. Whilst I’m happy there was plenty of matches at the moment on a weekly basis for us all to see, most of them don’t lead to anything or act as a part of a storyline with the Divas Championship involved. Let’s hope the belt can get some more spotlight soon. It’s not like Mania is approaching or anything…

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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