WWE Money in the Bank Discussion Post

WWE Money in the Bank, Sunday, May 19, streaming live at 7 ET/4 PT on the award-winning WWE Network!


  1. Despite the questionable build to mitb I’m still pretty excited for Sunday. Here’s the order in which I’d like to see the participants win.

    8. Alexa Bliss- I love Alexa and am probably one of her few defenders on this site but even I think she would benefit least from winning on Sunday. She doesn’t need it and I would much rather see where things are going between her and Nikki which doesn’t need a title

    7. Natalya- I wouldn’t be mad if Nattie won I just don’t feel any emotion from it. Like okay, Nattie won…cool

    6. Ember Moon- I want Ember to be a champion but not by cash in. Ember needs to be built up desperately and her character wouldn’t benefit at all from a cheap cash in. Only way I’d like to see Ember win is if she announces her cash in before hand and picks a stipulation match like a steel cage

    5. Mandy- Would be happy for Mandy but not my #1 pick. There’s so much more you can do with Mandy that doesn’t involve the briefcase. Not a bad pick but others need it more

    4. Carmella – The gimmick is so perfect for Mella that the only thing that holds her back from being higher on my list is she’s already won….twice. But if she won 3x you’d get no complaints from me

    3. Naomi- Edged her out over Mella bc how impressive Naomi has been since moving to raw. Winning the contract would give her that extra boost and propel her back into the top of the women’s division. Plus who doesn’t wanna see a glowing briefcase?

    2. Dana- I really really reeeeeaaaallllllllyyyy want Dana to show out on Sunday. I’m so happy for her that she’s been getting used consistently on tv. Hear me out for a second though…I could see Dana winning the briefcase but losing the cash in. No shade against Dana bc if done right it could get her that much more sympathy and would also play into the inexperience of her character. Still even if she has a failed cash in I’d be ecstatic if she won on Sunday

    1. Bayley- So all drama aside, Bayley is someone they’ve steadily been building back up since the new year. Had a great showing in the rumble, was the backbone behind BnHC, inaugural WTT champs, lost to a top rope glam slam by a HoF’er at mania (no shame in that), and has been slowly starting a new change in character after her draft to smackdown. She’s been stepping it up in the ring and on the mic but while she’s been impressive she’s also lost her belts, her tag team partner, and single’s matches to Alexa, Charlotte and Becky all within the last month. The briefcase would give her a much needed confidence boost. Plus the idea of Bayley struggling with how to cash in the briefcase bc of her good nature would add a lot more depth to her character which she desperately needs

    And Becky should retain both belts.

  2. Becky to retain both titles. And then lose one of them on the next defense. They’ve built her up way too much, and had to go through a damned table for her to lose this weekend.

    Bayley for the MITB win.

  3. The Women’s MITB match is tricky to predict this year.. I predict Bayley to walk away from the match as Ms. MITB, but I can’t shake the feeling of Sasha Banks appearing for some reason (a heel turn and set up Bayley ?????) Ember Moon is another favorite I want to see have her time to shine. I personally feel she don’t need the briefcase to become champion.

    I also predict Becky Lynch to go over both Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair in an upset. They’ve invested too much in Becky 2 Belts apparel for her to drop them so soon. She’s riding the wave until Summerslam and will be 2k cover star

  4. Naomi only has one weakness as a performer and that’s her inability to tell a story in the ring. Naomi is very athletic inside the ring. I don’t think anyone that’s ever seen her wrestle can doubt that fact. She just needs to work on her storytelling. Anybody can be athletic, but to truly be great in wrestling you have to know how to tell a story in the ring.

  5. Worst thing that can happen to Bayley is to have Charlotte win the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Charlotte Flair is NOT going to tolerate another short title reign from management. She loves that Smackdown Women’s Championship too much and she’s too obsessed with her career. For her sake Bayley better watch herself.

  6. Lacey Evans got a chance to work with Candice LeRae, who has been wrestling since 2002, in NXT. For Lacey’s sake I hope she learned something working with Candice LeRae in NXT, because this is the biggest match of her career. Becky should be able to carry her though.

  7. No, Charlotte you don’t get to claim you’re the best female wrestler in the world when Santana Garrett and Tessa Blanchard are still going strong. You’re ONE OF THE BEST, but not THE BEST.

  8. Mixed feelings… wanted Bayley to go heel but if this revitalizes her as a babyface I guess I’m cool.

    I’m a Charlotte Stan but I’m salty at how they’ve breezed right past Trish’s record without ever putting the two in an angle. What as waste..

  9. I like this new version of Charlotte. She put over Becky at WrestleMania. Tonight she puts over Bayley. She’s finally learning it’s not all about her. That was Hulk Hogan’s undoing in the 80s. Why do you think so many wrestlers resent Hogan and praise Ric Flair to high heaven? Charlotte is taking an important step in her growth as a performer, because if you don’t put people over inside that squared circle your colleagues will always resent you for it. Nobody knows it ANY better than Hogan.

  10. I’m so glad Bayley successfully cashed in.

    I love Charlotte Flair but I was NOT ready for another title reign. Her last reign plus this short lived one served a storyline purpose. At least Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch are no longer on the same brand, but that wild card rule ?????

    As for the matches, Lacey Evans is definitely a future champion, but tonight wasn’t the night and the feud is on going.

    I was definitely looking forward to seeing Becky Lynch carry both of the Women’s division into the summer giving her hype. I also feel she was losing some momentum.

  11. Let me just brag on the Men’s Money in the Bank match. Those guys DELIVERED! ALL of the men were SUPERSTARS tonight!!!

    Finn Balor took those bumps and sold those spots!!!

    I was in tears because I thought this was Ali’s moment after watching his documentary, then Brock Lesnar happens. I was in shock because I didn’t know who attacked Sami Zayn if it wasn’t Braun Strowman.

    I hope his cash in counts towards Super Showdown and Seth Rollins slays the Beast again, because I don’t need that negativity.

  12. Omg this match was SOO lame. I’m of course not excited about the outcome of the match…
    Bayley is whackAF. But the entire match was lacking a spark completely.
    Last years was probably the best, then the second go at the first year’s, then the first ever, & this match last. They didn’t use the ladders enough. Naomi & Ember had the only cool spots.
    Overall, this match gets a “D” grade from me.

  13. There were some cool spots from Glow Queen Naomi, Ember Moon, Dana Brooke, and Nikki Cross. Natalya did a good job taking the bumps.

    Overall, I wasn’t a fan of this Women’s Money in the Bank match. Too many rest spot.

  14. Dana Brooke did a good job. Loved the hanging from the briefcase spot, and I was terrified Mandy would kill her because it’s Mandy…lol. I liked the Mandy knee spot. I hate when the person who does the least in the match wins. Bayley didn’t really have any cool spots. Naomi and Ember had some cool spots. Natalya was just in there as a safe worker. The Carmella fake injury was odd…I guess we will see her feuding with Mandy soon? Nikki Cross did not stand out to me either but it seems like she is well liked lol.

  15. Introducing a new title tomorrow? If it’s Foley introducing it than maybe the hardcore Title is coming back? I always liked that title. If it were up to me though, I would introduce mixed tag titles.