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WWE Money in the Bank Predictions: Brie Bella vs Kelly Kelly

Tonight, Kelly Kelly defends the Divas Championship for the first time against Brie Bella. Who will ‘make bank’? The Diva Dirt team weighs in:

Bobby: Well I definitely see this as an easy match to predict (which probably means somehow I’ll end up being wrong), but the real question is wondering if anything extra will happen tonight. I think this is Brie’s last night in the spotlight, although they have not really built up any of the other heels on TV. Alicia Fox had a minor stare off with the champ on SmackDown, but I’m not sure if that’s enough for WWE to have anything come of it. Some speculate Eve may turn heel, but she is kind of like the John Cena of the division to me, in that even when she is not the champion, she is involved in a storyline and rarely ever on the backburner, so I’m not sure if they would turn her. Nonetheless, my prediction for tonight’s match is that Kelly will have Eve with her to counter Brie & Nikki, and after about 3 or 4 minutes, Nikki will attempt distracting Kelly, only for Eve to attack her. This will take Kelly’s attention off Brie, allowing Brie to set her up with the facebuster, but Kelly Kelly escapes and hits the K2 to retain. I don’t see them taking us anywhere new tonight, and knowing WWE, tomorrow’s Raw will probably see Kelly and Eve against The Bellas again until they are forced to find a new contender.

Cryssi: Money in the Bank seems to be pretty obvious but someone on the creative team is going to wake up this morning in a cold sweat because of a mind boggling epiphany they had. Once they get to the Allstate Arena they’re going to change the booking of the Divas match and this is how it will go. Brie and Nikki will come to the ring first and then Kelly will make her way to the ring. She will dramatically pause and Eve will walk out and the Bellas will be pissed. The match will actually tell a story. Everything Brie throws at Kelly, Kelly will fight off. Eventually things will break down outside between Nikki and Eve, and Brie will rush to Nikki’s rescue. Eve will take out Brie, and Nikki will take out Eve. Nikki will get in the ring and continue the match and end up hitting 2K with her finisher. She will get the pin and Brie Bella will be declared the champion. But its Nikki who will make the claim she is the rightful champ and Kelly will claim screw job. Boom instant triple threat for SummerSlam for the vacant Divas Championship.

Erin: This is Kelly’s match to lose. The WWE seem high on making her the face of the Divas division, and to have Brie win back the title would be counter intuitive. This feud, with its half-baked conflict (“malnurtured”, anyone?) seems just like a stepping stone to bigger title feuds for Kelly. She’s their golden girl right now, like it or not, and I wouldn’t expect her to drop that title for a good long while. Kelly Kelly wins and retain the Divas Championship.

Katelyn: Kelly Kelly is on the roll of her life – I can’t see her dropping the belt so quickly or back to Brie anytime soon. Kelly Kelly to pick up the victory.

Melanie: Seems like a fairly easy match to predict and I don’t foresee any major swerve, so Kelly Kelly wins and then moves on to Alicia Fox as her next title challenger. By the looks of it, the SmackDown Divas will be at Raw tomorrow night which will probably get the ball rolling.

Steven: I think the outcome to this match is fairly obvious. I expect Kelly Kelly to retain her Divas Championship tonight at the Money in the Bank PPV against Brie Bella. I also expect The Bellas to try and use ‘Twin Magic’ to pick up the win. However, if the past few weeks on Raw is any indication, Eve will be watching Kelly’s back. Hopefully, this match will mark the end of the Kelly/Bellas feud and Kelly can move on to new challengers.

Leave your predictions in the comments!

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