Thursday, October 28, 2021

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WWE on Candice: She Ain’t No Diva


Details are beginning to leak out on WWE’s release of former Women’s Champion, Candice Michelle and among them are some damning reports on Candice’s look. Many [including myself] will probably be shocked by this, because it seemed as though their main gripe was her injury prone status. But sources within the company have really gone all out against the ‘Go Daddy Girl’, bringing into question her look and weight — which any girl will tell you, is a major no-no.

Excerpt from one report below:

It is believed that Michelle’s less than stellar appearance at the television tapings in Los Angeles a few weeks ago ultimately sealed her fate with company officials. She had not been seen since WrestleMania, but when she arrived at the shows in Los Angeles, she didn’t look “Diva like,” and there were those who felt she was ready to leave the company and move on. As it turns out, WWE beat her to the punch by releasing her a few weeks later.

She told officials she was just about ready to return from her latest injury, but they gave very little leeway because she is a woman and there is a weight issue. The impression on her was always that she wasn’t someone with a naturally thin body, and that she had to work very hard to look the way she did, and when you get older, fighting those genetics gets much harder. In a company where the women are primarily there for their looks, some felt she didn’t have that look anymore, so they decided to let her go.

Now bear in mind this is the company that thinks we’re checking for closeups of Jillian in photoshoots, so Candice must’ve been cracked out at that taping in Los Angeles for WWE to ‘seal the deal’. Apart from her obvious facial changes over the years [she looked HOT in 2004-2006], I don’t think Candice ever looked too bad. But then again, there were those horrible, unflattering house show candids a few months back, where you could see Candice’s gut hanging out.

I don’t know, something about this report seems a little too below the belt, even for me and I’m not even a fan of Candice. Call her out on her injuries fine, but stuff like this could’ve slipped under the radar — it seems to add more insult to injury for a girl who just got fired.

PS: Points if you got the Beyonce reference in the title =)

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