Saturday, September 25, 2021

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WWE says that Zelina Vega’s release was due to a breach of contract

Last week the shocking news broke that WWE had released Zelina Vega from her WWE contract with immediate effect.

Since then fans and outlets alike assumed that the release was due to her refusal to close her Twitch account.

In September, WWE told all talent with outside revenue streams such as Twitch and Cameo must close them by Oct, 2. Those who violate the mandate face fines, suspensions and even termination.

Earlier today Sports Illustrated confirmed these reports. WWE released Vega for breaching her contract for noncompliance with the company’s new mandate on third party revenue streams.

According to the report, Vega not only disobeyed WWE’s new policy but outright challenged it by creating an OnlyFans account. This action would be the catalyst that led to the termination of her contract.

Vega is the first WWE Superstar to be fired for violating WWE’s policy on third-party revenue streams.

You can still support Vega, real name Thea Trinidad, on her Twitch account.

All at Diva Dirt wish Thea Trinidad the best and hope to see her in a wrestling ring in the near future.

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