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WWE Superstars Redux (April 26th, 2012): Kelly Kelly Continues Her Superstars Run Against the Queen of Mean, Maxine

Here I join you again for another scintillating match up to take place on Superstars. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen Kelly Kelly face off against Brie Bella and Eve Torres; both matches though, giving us different results when it comes to wins and losses. This week, Kelly continues her run on the show by taking on a unique challenger in Maxine. This seems to sort of be the rubber match to see whether Kelly’s past few weeks will provide her with two wins and one loss or two losses and one win, so let’s delve into the action and see who comes out… ahem, “on top”.

All the girls in the club are instructed to say “who” ’cause they know just how it do, and with those historic words out walks Kelly Kelly. Kelly looks sensational as she dons the color of champions (in my own opinion since green is my favorite color). K2 points to the screaming fans as she walks into the squared circle and poses for the crowd. Her music then comes to a stop as the stage ends up actually matching Kelly’s gear to the sound of NXT Queen, Maxine’s theme!

My golden ropes ruler walks out in her stunning fishnet stockings, as she walks down the ramps and Scott Stanford puts her over to no end (and to my approval!). Maxine climbs into the ring as her tune ends and the bell sounds. They lock up and Kelly applies a side headlock. Maxine fights out and is sent off the ropes, where Kelly ducks down and drops Mad Max with a Thesz Press. Nice arm drag by K2, before kicking her in the stomach and going for the handspring splash to no avail as the devilish Diva dodges out of the way.

Maxine slams Kelly’s head into the canvas like the vicious hellcat she is, before locking in a submission hold as Kelly screams in pain. Maxine smiles at the agony on our blond beauty, but Kelly finally starts to fight out. Maxine puts a stop to this pronto and slams K2 down for a near fall. She reverts to a chin lock submission, before transitioning it into a neck twisting maneuver. The crowd gets behind Kelly as Maxine screams at their support.

K2 fights out and levels Maxine with a few punches. She shoves Maxine off the ropes, but Maxine leaps onto Kelly with the Dragon Sleeper! Kelly starts to fade, but she finally fights out and slams Max into the corner. Kelly climbs to the second rope and locks in her hanging legscissors necklock, before slamming Maxine to the canvas and then bashing her skull into the mat. Kelly scouts Maxine and nails a series of clotheslines at the appropriate time. She bashes Maxine’s face into the turnbuckle and then sets up for the stinkface! Kelly proceeds to hit the handspring splash she attempted early on, before nailing the K2 for the win!

Thoughts: A fine match by the two ladies. Much like my problem with most Superstars matches, I wish there was some sort of backstage segment to set up to this happening. I was a little more into it than I am when we see something we’ve seen multiple times already because at least it had that value of being a fresh match, but part of me still wishes there could just be a little more oomph in making these matches on Superstars mean something. I did like Maxine’s dragon sleeper and it was nice to see Kelly switch her game up at the start a bit though. These two could have a great showing if given more chances to work together in the long run.

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