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WWE Superstars Redux (February 2nd, 2012): Raw Gives Them 7 Moves, Superstars Gives Them 7 Minutes!

Gutenhagen, and welcome to a recap of that one show where the Divas aren’t shafted on ring time (sorry NXT, you’re starting to slip), Superstars! After months of no female action, WWE has seen the light and begun offering us weekly showing from the ladies. First it was Brie and Kelly, then Beth and Brie, and now it’s Brie and her sister Nikki against Kelly Kelly and Alicia Fox! I guess you could say the influx of Divas to this show can be represented fully by Brie Bella of all people, but nonetheless, after two solid outings, will this be third times the charm? Let’s check it out below:

All the girls in the club say who, as the blond beauty herself, Kelly Kelly, steps out from the back and high fives the fans on her way to the ring. She poses on the turnbuckle, as I’m sure everyone in the crowd starts to pa-pa-pa-partay at the sound of our favorite Fox’s theme. Alicia steps out in her Fancy Fox Hood, which does not fall over her face when she climbs to the second rope and saddens me as I’ve now come to expect it following this week’s NXT. She and Kelly exchange smiles and hugs like a good face team, as they are cut off by the vivacious duo of Brie and Nikki Bella. Following a Bella booty shake, they flip inside the ring as we get this “half a rematch” started.

Kelly and Brie start to circle the ring, before the latter slides outside and taunts Kelly with her sister. She slowly climbs back inside the ring, before running out the other side as they slap their booties at the duo. This sparks Kelly and Alicia to baseball slide the twins into the barricade, and then give them a little spank to simply annoy them. Alicia slides Brie back inside the ring and goes to town on her with some punches and a sick dropkick. Foxy is sent into the corner, but she fires back with a nice elbow. Nikki tries to chime in from the corner, but Alicia tells her she better mind her business, which gives me some mad “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” vibes and also provides distraction, allowing Brie to snap her neck off the ropes.

Brie slides back into the ring and slams Fox’s face on the canvas before tagging out to Nikki. Nikki B proceeds to choke her on the ropes, as Brie kicks her from the corner. Quick tag back out to Brie, and they slam Alicia’s head into the corner. Brie uses her boot to choke her for a brief count, before snapmaring Fox over and locking in a submission. Kelly tries to get the crowd behind Fox, but Brie and Nikki just continue to take control. Double Booty Shake by the two, and as Brie tries to leave, Fox kicks Nikki into her and takes her out. Nikki then BARELY stops the tag as she punches Kelly off the turnbuckle and drags Fox back to their corner.

Kelly is PISSED, but manages to calm herself down enough to cheer Alicia on as Nikki has her in a submission. Fox finally is able to break the hold as she executes a nice split arm drag and tags in Kelly Kelly! K2 ascends to the top rope and leaps off with a Thesz Press onto Nikki B. Running facebuster follows it up, continuing with her whirlybird headscissors to fire the crowd up! Nikki falls into that deadly spot in the corner where a stink face connects, but as Kelly goes for a bulldog, Nikki breaks it and tries for a clothesline. Kelly manages to duck it though, and drops her with the K2 out of nowhere! The referee counts, which sparks Alicia Fox to hilariously leap in air onto Brie as if she was a in a slow motion action scene to keep her away for the win! Kelly and Alicia celebrate, as we view a replay of the highlights from the bout.

Thoughts: This was a pretty fun match overall. I thought there were some creative spots such as the baseball slide into a spank over the barricade, and it’s a bummer these four can’t put on this type of match when the show is televised due to time constraints. If Superstars is the only way for these matches to happen, I say bring the entire division here and start some storylines because I’d rather get good action weekly than see thirty second matches all the time. Nonetheless, Kelly, Alicia, and the Bellas work well together and I really want to see what more these ladies can offer. We’ve seen Kelly face both of them in singles matches before, but It’d be fun to see what Alicia can do alone with them when there’s a solid amount of time given.

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