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WWE Superstars Redux (January 12th, 2012): Kelly Kelly vs. Brie Bella (w/ Nikki Bella)

This may look a little strange to all of you…you know, considering it seems like it’s been years since the Divas (sans our Freakin Costa Rican) have appeared on WWE Superstars, but never fear because they are back and better than ever. Tonight in the main event of the show, we saw Raw Divas square off, as Kelly Kelly took on Brie Bella in singles action. What role would Nikki play ringside though? And where is Eve Torres in all of this?! I’m afraid to inform you that the only way to find out the answers to these burning questions is by scrolling on down and watching what happens.

Following a very pink match graphic and perky theme music, we head to the arena where Kelly Kelly makes her way out to the ring in her finest blue gear. She poses on her way down the ramp, slaps a few hands, and climbs into the squared circle as we are taken to a brief commercial break. Upon returning, out comes the devilish duo, Brie and Nikki of the Bella Twins. Luckily for Kelly, this is only a singles match, but with two Bellas dressed in the same thing, is she really going to be facing only one of them? The Bellas flip into the ring, as their music stops and the bell sounds.

They immediately take the fight to one another, as Kelly flings Brie across the ring and slams her head into the mat. She shoos Nikki away from the ring apron and sends Kelly into the corner, but K2 boots the Bella in the stomach and locks in a necklock modified hangman’s neckbreaker. She then flips outside the ring and trips Brie up, before sliding back in and running off the ropes with a clothesline. Brie takes cover with Nikki, but Kelly basically spears Nikki off the ropes…which provides enough distraction for Brie to take advantage.

She begins to work over the arm, as Scott Stanford informs us that the Bella Twins have informed him of a possible break in friendship between Kelly and Eve. Nikki continues to make her presence known throughout the contest, as Brie hooks the leg for a two count. From there, she locks in an arm lock, as we continue to find out that it’s possible Eve ditched Kelly for Zack Ryder considering he now has a title and Kelly does not. The crowd tries to will Kelly on, but Brie slams her back down by the hair and continues to add pressure to the arm. Nikki cheers Brie on, as Kelly rolls her up out of nowhere for a one count.

Brie with a brutal knee to the arm, as she just taunts K2 in the ring and has some fun at Kelly’s expense. She rubs Kelly’s head in the ring and hooks the leg for a near fall, as Kelly continues to show her resilience. Brie then tries to go for a pin with the arms, while Kelly fights out. Brie with a nice bridge cover, but the two Divas continue to lock arms. Kelly then hits a nice monkey flip to send the Bella Twin flying through the air, as she begins to mount a comeback with a thesz press off the second rope! Mounted punches follow up, continued with the whirlybird headscissors.

A bulldog to the corner of the ring, as Kelly executes her signature stink face to a rousing cheer of applause. K2 then backs up and charges forward with a handspring elbow, while she then follows up with an assortment of kicks to the face. The referee must physically restrain her from causing permanent damage to Brie’s face, which gives double trouble enough time to peform twin magic, as Nikki rolls Brie outside the ring and assumes her position. Kelly stomps forward, but Nikki slams her face right into the turnbuckle and rolls her up using the ropes for added leverage! One…two…three! The Bella Twins steal the victory from a feisty Kelly, as they celebrate on the ramp to end tonight’s show!

Thoughts: A fun showing from the Divas, and definitely much better on the time length. I felt like this was pretty much what you would expect from these two ladies, but I did love the monkey flip spot and thought it was a nice touch. Hopefully the feud between these three continues on with more Superstars outings, being I would love to see Kelly and Nikki go at it with a lengthier time given to them. Overall, I enjoyed the contest for what it was, and I very much like seeing the Bella Twins picking up wins to help build them back up (hopefully in time for a possible Kharma program leading to Mania!~)

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