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WWE Superstars Redux (March 15th, 2012): Kelly Brings the Fight, But Beth Proves Why She Will be Divas Champion Forever

Holla everybody, and let me welcome you to the riveting, gripping recap that we know as the Superstars Redux. Last week, we were not granted any Diva appearances on the show, but that has all changed this week, for we have received a main event bout between Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix and plucky babyface, Kelly Kelly! This is non-title, but will certainly prove to be a treat as these two head into WrestleMania for their big tag team match alongside Eve Torres and Maria Menounos respectively. Will Kelly show us what she did last year in that she can topple the mighty Glamazon? Or will Beth simply make another pit stop in her “Ding. Glam Slam. Ding.” Tour? All the answers to these questions will be revealed when you scroll on down!

We spot a graphic of the two ladies to promote the match as being tonight’s main event, a feat that now has been accomplished twice by the Divas this week if you also include NXT. Out to the ring from there we go, as HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA (the song, not Teddy Long) hits the sound system and out walks Kelly Kelly looking as top notch as ever in some blue and gold gear. She poses for the screaming fans before stepping inside the ring and climbing onto the turnbuckle as we head to a break. After a brief WrestleMania countdown shows, back in the ring we go to see Kelly smiling and pointing to the fans in attendance.

Suddenly, K2 is cut off by the statuesque music (can music really be statuesque?!) of Beth Phoenix! Beth throws the title up in the air three times to promote herself as being Divas Champion forever, and after all this time with the belt who can blame her? She walks down the ramp teasing the fans, as Scott Stanford CONTINUES to taunt us by adding fuel to the “Beth/Natalya” fire that we are all just waiting to see explode. The bell sounds, as Kelly and Beth mess with each other inside the ring. The crowd gets behind K2, as they lock up and Phoenix takes control by slamming Kelly down.

She teases the blonde bombshell, before lifting Kelly onto her shoulders and charging for the nearest turnbuckle. K2 manages to slip out the back and send Beth into it herself, before slamming her face into the padding over and over! Kelly transitions into kicks, then backing up and scoring with a handspring splash! She topples our Glamazon by shaking her bottom in Beth’s facial area with a move we identify as the stinkface, continuing it up with a nice leg choke over the ropes. Kelly ascends to the top rope and leaps off with a Thesz Press before being shoved off by the Glamazon.

From there, Phoenix connects with a few kicks, but Kelly hits a hurricanrana for a two count. Beth slides towards the outside and manages to snap K2’s head off the ropes. She hits an elbow drop for another near fall, then proceeding to lock in a nasty looking arm submission. K2 tries to fight out, eventually garnering a “Kelly” chant, but our Divas Champion is relentless in this attack and slams her down by the hair for a close call. Beth proceeds to rake Kelly’s eyes WHILE choking her in the ropes at the same time as she then runs off the opposing side of the ring and leaps onto K2’s back for a two count.

Beth tosses Kelly into the corner, but K2 ducks a punch attempt and rolls Beth up for a two count! Phoenix then drops Kelly with a clothesline and musters up another near fall. Beth also locks in a dragon sleeper before Kelly fights out of it and hits the whirlybird headscissors takedown to send Beth face first into the corner. A bulldog follows up for a near fall, as our resilient challenger tries to prove herself here tonight. Phoenix snaps K2 off the ropes and goes for the Glam Slam, but Kelly counters into a roll up! Only a nearfall though, as Beth blasts her in the face, poses, and ultimately connects with the Glam Slam in true Pin-Up Strong fashion! One… two… three — Beth wins! Certainly not a “Ding. Glam Slam. Ding,” but nonetheless, strike up another check mark in the Glamazon’s win column.

Thoughts: An enjoyable bout from Beth and Kelly, and certainly much longer than most Divas matches get. I thought Kelly looked good against Beth, and overall, the two did well together. The only problem I have with matches on Superstars is that they just happen to happen. There’s no reason behind it so it’s hard for me to really get into them. Maybe it’s just because I’ve grown more accustomed to recapping NXT where the storylines are so heavily present, but I get no connection to matches on Superstars anymore. They’re never bad by any means and tonight was a great showing from Beth and Kelly, but I wish they would incorporate maybe some backstage interviews or angles into the show as they used to on Sunday Night Heat so that the matches just have a little something special about them.

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