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WWE Superstars Redux (November 1st, 2013): Naomi Shows Aksana Her Cheeky Side

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s WWE Superstars Redux. After what felt like an eternity, a full-length video of this week’s match has still not been discovered yet I’m here to unravel all of the action that is included on the preview clip! This week is half a rematch from last week’s Main Event, which saw Cameron and Naomi defeat Aksana and Alicia Fox. This week, Cameron (along with Brodus Clay) and Alicia are sat on the sidelines watching Naomi take on Aksana in the ring. Can Aksana secure her first victory in about six years or will Naomi and her ‘ass’-ets pick up the win? TO THE VIDEO (well, what I have of it)!

We start off witnessing Aksana have Naomi in a chinlock as Brodus and Cameron really do a good job of getting the crowd behind our fave high-flyer. I wonder what happened before Naomi was in the submission and as I like Alicia Fox, I’ll pretend she provided a devlishly epic distraction and then as I despise it’s presence, I guess Aksana did the slug crawl thing and cut it from the video to save me the pain of watching it. Thanks WWE – love you!

After Naomi uses her back end to get Aksana off of her, she jumps over her Lithuanian opponent sunset flip style. After Aksana lands it as smoothly as a bed of spikes, Naomi only manages to get a two count. Naomi then keeps the momentum up with a schoolgirl she executes off of a waistlock before both girls clothesline each other simultaneously. Alex Riley makes a great point of stating that whoever gets up first, they’ll be in the driving seat, and this would ring true most of the time, yet Aksana is in the ring so even though she is up a tad before Naomi, it comes across as comedy over-zealousness as Naomi turns up the heat!

Naomi jumps at Aksana and hits her with a Hurricanrana, which sadly, Aksana is slow to execute from her end of the bargain. Following that, Naomi hits a dropkick before moving to the apron, ready to deliver a solid kick to the mush of Aksana! Naomi flips over Aksana and then hits the move that was so terribly botched last week, a beautiful wheelbarrow stunner!

*plays Damien Sandow’s theme song* HALLELUJAH!

The smile on Naomi’s face is epic and what is even more epic and surprising… Aksana kicked out. If he was still alive, I’m sure the Olympic octopus that could predict everything would be shocked. Who’d have thought we’d have a nice but of suspense on Superstars! Following that near fall, Aksana is right back on the offensive; she clearly knew that was too close a call. After a few strikes and a club to the back of the neck, Aksana hits a gutwrench suplex, yet she can only muster a two. That first win in years is not quite hers yet! Aksana then pleads at Naomi “Come on” several times, which is seemingly a problem as Naomi knows she is ready and waiting. Aksana runs off the ropes and right into the Rear View. I wonder what hurts more? Being hit with a shovel or Naomi’s ass? 1-2-3!

Thoughts: Well for all the match that is available on the internet, I actually quite enjoyed this action. There was no sexy slug crawl in sight, I loved the spot that actually made Aksana look credible despite her losing record where she kicked out of Naomi’s new wheelbarrow stunner and both girls worked well to make the Rear View look devastating.

However! I’m sorry there has to be a whatever yet as much as I love Naomi’s hurricanranas, she clearly should use them against Aksana; Aksana can just not take them seamlessly enough. Other than that, it was a competent showing and I am hoping we get to see more matches from this side feud. We don’t need major storylines for shows like Superstars, it’s just nice to see the girls who aren’t on TV enough get to compete. I’d love to see a bit of Naomi vs Foxy next week, so let’s hope we get it! And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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