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WWE Superstars Redux (October 11th, 2013): Chinlocks, Chinlocks and More Chinlocks!

What’s up Diva fans and welcome to this week’s Supertars Redux! In a match that we we thought was going to air last week and didn’t, we see former rivals battle it out as Kaitlyn faces off against Tamina Snuka. Tamina and her new bodyguard bad self has came off a win over Aksana coming into this match (even though this was taped before the Aksana match; some weird Doctor Who style shenanigans going on here!) so can she turn that first win on Team AJ into a streak? Kaitlyn already lost once this week so she definitely won’t want to be getting pinned yet again. Can the 8th Militia Leader topple the Fijian force to be reckoned with? TO THE VIDEO!

Thoughts: This was a solid match in my opinion. It started off really well and both girls had great chemistry with one another and it also finished nicely too – yet the middle, OH THE MIDDLE! Move over Aksana’s headlock of doom, we now has the chinlocks of dread. To utilise such a bland submission for a major chunk of the match was a bad move in my opinion yet thankfully, it picked up again towards the end.

The Samoan Drop is also a better finisher for Tamina than the Big Boot. Ok, the Samoan Drop is normally just a signature move for wrestlers as opposed to a finisher, yet Tamina performed it quickly and fluidly, made it seem more impactful than seeing her stood there posing with Kaitlyn on her shoulders for a while before doing it. Good choice on the finish.

A decent showing from both of these two in terms of their in-ring work. The attires on the other hand… no. Tamina, for the love of god, it’s only been two matches and I’m already sick of you messing about with the bobble in your hair. Just have the Nicole Bass do for your entrance and then take the bobble out if you must before you’re on your back wrestling. Yes, I did just name drop Nicole Bass. Also, not a fan of the biker/emo/prison warden clothes either. Although there was a saving grace to wearing a waistcoat to the ring, you whipped Kaitlyn like a mule with it. I really liked that! Showcasing some personality – shock horror!

And with that, stay tuned, Jack will be back!

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