WWE Survivor Series 2009 Predictions



Mickie James & Michelle McCool lead their teams to war tonight at the 23rd annual Survivor Series. Women’s Champion, Michelle McCool has proven to be quite the thorn in Mickie’s side, reducing the Diva to tears in recent weeks. But when it comes to battling it out in the ring, who will have the last laugh [or cry]? Which team will win? Who’ll be the sole survivor or survivors? The Diva Dirt team weigh in…

Erin: I feel like, since these teams are literally branded Mickie vs. Michelle, the fate of the teams are based on their leaders. Given that Mickie has felt “humiliation” at the hands of Michelle and Layla for a few weeks, it’s inevitable that she get some form of revenge. So, what better revenge than have her team defeat Michelle’s team at a PPV? Okay, maybe there is better revenge, but these are the cards we’ve been dealt. I just feel like it’s the natural course — one side gets the upperhand, and it soon shifts to the other. This would be that shift. Team Mickie for  the win. In order to make the match interesting, I feel like there will only be one survivor — any more and it looks like some pathetic domination of the other team. As for the actual survivor, I see Mickie getting the job done. This is pretty much her story; God knows Raw isn’t pushing any of their girls for the PPV. Since Mickie’s getting the biggest PPV push out of her team, it seems like it would be the biggest payoff for her to be the sole survivor and thumb her nose at Michelle in the process.

Melanie: This will all boil down to Mickie vs Michelle, though I wouldn’t be surprised if Melina & Beth Phoenix hang around until the end also. Likely, this won’t receive a lot of time and we’ll probably see one elimination after another with a slew of signature moves. I think given everything that’s happened to her on SmackDown that this will be Mickie’s turning point, defeating Michelle here and subsequently earning a Women’s Championship match. For that reason, I think Team Mickie will win. As mentioned, I expect it will come down to Mickie & Melina vs Beth & Michelle. If WWE wanted to keep the Divas Champion strong, I expect Mickie & Melina will end the match as co-survivors after Mickie pins Michelle perhaps. If it was me booking, that’s the route I’d go. Maybe have Melina pin Beth as a receipt for last month’s Bragging Rights and then Mickie pin McCool and have them both as co-survivors.

Steven: Even though WWE is billing this as a 10 Diva elimination match, lets face it, this is all about Mickie and Michelle. I don’t expect to see much from the anyone else, save for some brief interaction between Alicia and Melina. For Team Mickie, I see Mickie being the sole survivor for her team. As for Team McCool, it’s a toss up between Michelle and Beth. Beth definitely has the odds in her favor as she was last’s year sole survivor. I also predict there will be some tension between Michelle and The Glamazon. Beth has made it no secret that she’s gunning for Michelle’s title and this could be an opportunity for her to show Michelle who’s really top dog on SmackDown. As for the winner, I see Team Michelle coming out on top. A win here will give her even more ammunition this Friday when she finds a new way to assault Mickie’s morale.

Tiffany: Even though Michelle’s team picked up the win at Bragging Rights, I wouldn’t be surprised if her team gained the victory at Survivor Series.  Overall, I’d say Team Michelle is the stronger team. As predictable as it would be, Beth Phoenix could more than likely be the sole survivor again this year. I think she could benefit the most from a victory this Sunday.

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