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WWE TLC in Review: The Glamazon Soars to Victory in a Night of Divas Galore

TLC has many meanings. From tender loving care, to T-Boz, Chilli and Left Eye, to the focus of last night’s WWE pay per view, and that is tables, ladders and chairs. Granted, none of these came into play during the Diva related segments, but we should all be fortunate that we even got to see the females at all! Nothing was promoted involving them, however, we were treated to an impromptu Divas Title match between arch rivals Beth Phoenix and Kelly Kelly. Plus, we saw Rosa Mendes (ON A PAY PER VIEW!), Alicia Fox, as well as Brie and Nikki Bella in various segments.

Without any further ado, let’s kick things off before I collapse from too much celebrating due to… you guessed it, Rosa Mendes on a pay per view.

Wait… what is this?! Suddenly we head to the arena as the Glamazon’s theme hits the sound system. Out she comes sporting her ring gear, but no Natalya (or tissue box… obviously a tactic done to make me cry since I love the tissue box entrance prop) by her side. Justin Roberts announces the following to be a Divas Championship match, as we are shown a replay of what happened Monday on Raw where Beth and Nattie tried to rain on Kelly Kelly’s parade during her Slammy acceptance speech. Following the recap, Kelly Kelly makes her way out from the back to a nice ovation from the crowd. Michael Cole actually does something right for a change and mentions that they are in the same town where Kelly defeated Brie Bella earlier this year to claim her first Divas Championship, which immediately adds some importance to tonight’s showing, in my opinion.

The bell sounds, as Beth offers to give Kelly a free shot at her face relating back to Raw where she smacked the Divas Champ. Kelly refuses to be given an unfair advantage, so Beth acts first. Kelly manages to back her head out of the way from Beth’s hand, and retaliates with the smack Beth longed for just a few seconds ago! Phoenix charges towards her opponent, but Kelly ducks and pulls the ropes down to send the Glamazon flying towards the outside. From there, she kicks Beth back and executes an awesome bulldog off the ring apron to the outside! Kelly then slams Beth’s face against the ring apron, before performing a handstand into a leg lock submission on the ropes! The referee begins the count of five, at which point Kelly breaks the maneuver as Beth heads back inside.

The challenger then runs off the ropes with her patented whirlybird headscissors which sends Beth flying into the corner face first. Kelly Kelly gets the crowd fired up, as she charges for a monkey flip… only Beth catches her and reverses it into an overhead press. Our Glamazon proceeds to drop Kelly throat first onto the ropes, and then just relentlessly beats down on her to show the frustration bottling up inside from this past week.

Beth covers for a two count, before dragging Kelly into the ropes and pulling her by the hair and turning it into a nifty submission where she stands on K2’s back. The challenger tries to hold onto the ropes, but the dominant champion then grabs her feet and flings her into the air like a soccer ball. And like said soccer ball, gravity acts and Kelly falls to the canvas in pain. Showing her pin-up strong nature, Beth wafts her hand through her hair as Kelly screams below her. Phoenix simply kicks her around, before applying a camel clutch to the almost defenseless challenger.

Kelly attempts to fight back, but Beth leaps up and sends her back down in the pain she was originally in. Phoenix continues her massacre with a few kicks to the back, but Kelly shows a brief sign of life and rolls her up for a two count! Both women get to their feet, but the Glamazon hits a brutal knee to the face and goes for a powerslam. Kelly manages to escape out the back and hit a nice bulldog out of nowhere, before slamming Beth’s head into the canvas over and over. They reach a vertical base, as Beth shoves Kelly into the corner. She runs forward, but Kelly with the boots to the face to send her back!

K2 climbs to the second turnbuckle and leaps off for her Thesz Press, only Phoenix catches her in mid-air and drops her with an awesome spinebuster for a few two counts! Beth can’t believe Kelly’s resiliency, as she just begins pounding on Kelly’s head. Suddenly, the impossible happens… Beth Phoenix ascends to the top rope! With Kelly looking to be down and out, she leaps off with a leg drop… attempt. Kelly moves out of the way and Beth collides with the canvas! Ouch! Suddenly, Kelly gets a chance at life and goes for the K2, but Beth flips her over and signals for the Glam Slam! Kelly manages to roll through for a two count, as Beth flips it to her advantage for another two count! Kelly then leaps up for a hurricanrana, but Beth nails an absolutely sick facebuster for the victory!

The Glamazon retains her title, as Kelly puts up a great fight in the final pay per view of 2011.

After a phenomenal match that saw Zack Ryder capture the United States Title from Dolph Ziggler, we head backstage to see Booker T warming up for his bout. Why is this special, you ask? Well, the only Diva to ever make his coveted “Fave Five”, Alicia Fox, can be seen lighting up the screen with her bright red hair beside him. She questions if he’s excited to face Cody Rhodes tonight, as he replies with a few “OH YEAHs”, much to Percy Watson’s dismay. The peppy Alicia tells Booker he looks really jacked this evening, to which he asks her if she’s ready to see him “do this damn thing or what”. Before she can answer though, Alicia lets out the greatest scream ever as Cody Rhodes attacks Booker from behind and slams him into a trunk while she runs off screeching for help! Cody finally has to be separated by the help our Fox got, as Booker T is left FURIOUS at what just happened.

We are taken backstage once more, to see the Bella Twins sitting on Santa Teddy’s lap, debating which one of them deserves a gift. Nikki claims that Brie has been bad this year and deserves coal in her stocking. Brie chimes back stating that she’s the good sister and Nikki’s the bad one; always has been, always will be. They then delve into the topic of which sister is Santa’s favorite, pitting the fact that Brie has been Divas Champion against Nikki being the more athletic of the two. Santa Teddy then interrupts and says that both of them have been bad, before giving them the present of… his phone number? In case they want to play any reindeer games? As I recall fond memories of Flava of Love, the two twins look on in disgust and slap him in the face before getting up and heading off screen.

Also, check out a match for the Unified Tag Team Titles pitting Air Boom, consisting of Kofi Kingston and Evan Bourne, against my favorite duo, Primo and Epico… with their manager Rosa Mendes! Yes, Rosa on a pay per view. The day has come for the Mendesluverz to celebrate in victory. Okay… enough of my babbling, here’s the video:

Thoughts: For a night that had no Divas going into it, we certainly ended up having a lot of segments… and even a match! I thought Beth and Kelly put on a solid showing overall. I’m sure they barely had time to prepare since it was probably announced to them last minute, but they made the best out of the situation and put on another enjoyable contest. I’m starting to enjoy seeing Beth become so dominant with her title. Each of these pay per view matches have been so back and forth you can actually see that they are fighting to their fullest ability to either retain or defend the Divas Title. I think that adds a lot to the belt since it shows that the females want to be champion, and will do anything in their power to hold onto it. Kudos to both Kelly and Beth (and Eve) on not only tonight, but the past few months of stellar PPV matches.

Now onto the other segments, Rosa Mendes on PPV… I never thought I’d see the day, but I can’t help but cheer. This trio is everything I like in a tag team, and I love the little details they do like Rosa always wearing the same color as their gear, and planning out a unique entrance between the three. I think they work so well together and I really want them to continue being pushed to the Tag Team Titles. There is so much potential with those three, especially if they let Rosa take the microphone before one of their matches. Fingers crossed!

The other stuff was fun as well. Alicia Fox comes off so randomly funny to me and I don’t know why. She just looks like she’s always having fun on screen and not taking herself seriously, which translates on screen and makes her one of my favorites to watch. The Bella Twins slapping Teddy was also pretty funny, and I liked that they brought up stuff that fans have said about them in their argument, being that Nikki is more athletic, while Brie held the championship. Overall this was a fun show and I really enjoyed it.

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