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WWE to reintroduce Women’s Tag Titles?

Back in the early 80s WWE absorbed the NWA Women’s Tag Championships and the title was eventually shelved in the early 90s, due to disinterest in a women’s division and budget cuts within the company. However, a recent insider on Reddit is reporting that WWE may reintroduce tag titles for the women this year.

Reddit user /u/dvizzle a.k.a BeltFanDan is an insider who has previously used the platform to give intel on the debut of the WWE Women’s Championship at WrestleMania 32 and respective belts that were introduced in the summer of that year.

According to this user, “As I reported here in August, NXT is introducing a mid-card title. When it was pitched in the creative meeting it was supposed to be themed after Dusty being TV champion. Vince hates the idea of a Television title, so it was changed to “North American”. The NXT North American Championship is already finished and in WWE’s hands. The belt apparently has a “classical” look. I am trying to get more details. Also, the long rumored WWE Women’s Tag Team Championships are in the works for a debut around SummerSlam.”

It’s unknown as to how WWE would proceed in introducing the tag championships at this time, whether a tournament would be held or if women from NXT, such as the Iconic Duo, would be called up.

Women in the division, ranging from Sasha Banks to former Superstar Lita, have made comments supporting reactivating the titles.

“I would love that. I think we have enough women on the roster now to actually have a women’s tag division. We’ve been given multiple storylines but at the same time, it’s very hard to accomplish something if you’re not actually fighting for anything,” Banks said during an interview with Sky Sports in January. “Only one woman can go after the women’s championship and I think if we had tag team championships we’d be able to create way more interesting storylines. We have tag matches all the time, every single week, so I say why not get a championship involved in that?”

Other promotions have introduced women’s tag championships and have been successful launching pads.

SHIMMER introduced tag titles in 2008 and inaugural champions were Ashley Lane and Nevaeh. The belt is recognized in Ring of Honor and several other independent promotions – with the titles being defended there. Current champions are the Totally Tubular Tag Team, which consists of Delilah Doom and Leva Bates.

Back in 2009 Impact, then known as TNA, introduced tag titles for the Knockouts Division. However, in 2013 the titles were deactivated because of controversy within the division. Eric Young and ODB were the last title holders and it wasn’t an intergender tag championship.

What do you think of this rumor? Would this work in WWE’s current women’s divisions? Who would you like to see hold these titles? Dream tag teams? Sound off in the comments below.

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