Monday, September 27, 2021

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WWE Vengeance Results: Even Without Natalya, Beth Phoenix Delivers the Doom

In a match that saw Natalya and Kelly Kelly banned from ringside due to a fight backstage before the show, Beth Phoenix retained her Divas Championship, defeating Eve Torres. Eve put up a valiant fight, busting out submissions and hard-hitting attacks, but a missed moonsault was her undoing, setting her up for a Glam Slam that earned Beth the 3-count.

Thoughts: I think it did a lot to add to the legitimacy of Beth’s reign to see her single handedly defeat Eve, managing to get the job done without Natalya by her side. It shows that while the Divas of Doom are hellish together, they’re not necessarily handicapped when left alone. Eve also looked great in this match, and proved to be a pretty worthy competitor for Beth. This match makes me hope for a longer feud between these two, but who knows where the story goes from here?

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