WWE Women’s Wrestling Review Week of April 22th, 2019


Are we in a time loop?! Because we’re back at it again with the battle between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch! We’ll discuss this week’s SmackDown where we saw the fire that rekindled that is Bayley. Charlotte Flair being inserted back into the Championship storyline. The IIconics’ continuing losing streak. And rather an unsuccessful return match for Alicia Fox.

Get ready for our upcoming series of interviews. We first have “10 Questions with the Women of RISE” coming up soon. We also have an exclusive interview counting down the fan-voted Top 5 moments with Kelly Kelly and Summer Rae.


      • She wants the Divas era back so bad its disgusting, she hates almost every good wrestler and wants the trashy ones to get pushed.

        In one of their last videos she said she would rather have Liv as the next SD champion over Ember Moon like…..

        • She’s extremely obsessive about it too it’s hella annoying (this coming from a divas stan) the constant “push only the pretty girls that reminds me of divas” is just yuck. Like I get it. You miss the divas but theres no going back now only moving forward.

        • We’d all rather have Liv over Ember. Ember is yet another good wrestler with no character or personality. Ember is just a good match with all my respect if it wasnt for her finisher she wouldve been Naomi 2.0

          Character wise all Naomi has its her entrance, all Ember has is her finisher.

          Id rather see someone fresh go get pushed for the N1C spot for once such as Alicia, Dana Brooke, face Mickie James, face Liv, Zelina.

          • A juvenile delinquent, brat, in NXT she was the underdog babyface. We just havents seen much from her bc Ruby was the focus. And Ember was solo ever since her debut.

          • Well im not saying Liv should stick to that gimmick. But perhaps once she turns face we will be more behind her. There was a reason she was moved from the other two alone to SDL. And she was the first one to be considered for a call up. Back before Absolution, Riott Squad and Ember were a thing, Liv was doing live events with the likes of Sasha and Bayley on the main roster. But im here for Ember as long as she is interesting to watch and not just another i can wrestle but i cant tell a story worker.

    • All im gonna say is that before Ring the Belle we had nothing, DD even took down reduxes and recaps so we were living of twitter. Im super greatful for ring the belle. The interviews they do we cant see anywhere. There is nothing better for me to do when i have free time on the weekends and i dont have plans to see them have uploaded something. Im thnakful for both of them. And ive never agreed 100% with a lot of things but im not gonna go b!7ch about it. Different people have different taste. Sure you can be mad sometimes but thats that. Its a video youll watch it and 3h later you wont even remember what it was about.