Xplosion 08/25/18: Something to prove


Hola Knockout fans as I welcome you to an Xplosion Write-Up! Holy cow, I always surprise myself whenever I manage to find one of Impact’s B episode surface online.

Now, granted I did miss out on a few Xplosion episodes featuring Knockouts action, one that included a showdown between Katarina Leigh and Scarlett Bordeaux, BUT to try to play catch-up, let’s take a look at this recent show, taped back in April, that sees Su Yung take on LAX’s Diamanté.

Su Yung is riding solo for this match-up, leaving behind her usual train of Undead Bridesmaid while Diamanté has LAX members Santana and Ortiz accompanying her to the ring. Diamanté is welcomed to the match with a warm reception from the Impact fans, who chant ‘Welcome back!’ and bop to LAX’s theme song.

Yung unleashes a shriek from the ring apron but gets knocked off with a dropkick from behind. Diamanté tosses Yung back in the ring and unloads right forearms onto Yung. She manages to take Yung down and into a corner following a standing hurricanrana.

From across the ring, Diamanté takes aim and charges after Yung for a stomp but the latter avoids this by sliding to the outside of the ring. Diamanté stays in pursuit of Yung, opting to run the ropes for a suicide dive to the outside. She adds in punches to the head as we go for a break.

When we return, the action has made its way back to the ring where Yung manages to gain control with a knee strike to the midsection from the ring apron. Yung follows up with a draping pedigree from the second rope for a two count. She goes for another cover after sending Diamanté headfirst to a middle turnbuckle but still falls short on getting the pinfall.

The Knockouts get to their feet and exchange forearms shots that comes to an end when Diamanté lands a kick to the head. She goes for the cover on Yung following a running dropkick from the corner and moonsault off the second rope but Yung is able to kick out at two.

Kick to the midsection as Diamanté sets up for the Sunset Flip but Yung counters. They battle at a corner where Yung manages to scoop Diamanté up, setting up for the Panic Switch. Diamanté fights free with elbow shots to the head but Yung replies with a palm strike that immobilizes Diamanté. Yung scoops Diamanté up once more for another Panic Switch, this time delivering the finishing move and picks up the win.

Thoughts: I think my biggest take away from this match was seeing Diamanté back in action. Since her debut, she hasn’t really been involved in any feuds or standout moments other than maybe her debut when she, alongside LAX, took out Rosemary and Decay.

Sure this may be due to injuries that Diamanté suffered but I would still like to see her on Impact’s main show in some outside ring capacity – more so when you consider LAX has had this extended feud with the OGz. In fact, I was looking forward to seeing what role she would play when she finally made her TV screen return with her suspicious about King.
She seems to be a fan favorite with the crowd and so I feel she can work as either face or heel.

The overall match felt just average, starting off slow but picking up as the match continued. Some of my favorite spots were Yung’s spider climb from the corner and hanging pedigree and Diamanté’s springboard moonsault and rolling kick. While I’m a fan of Yung’s gimmick and desire to just terrorize the Knockouts division, her matches often feel unenthusiastic for me. But here’s hoping that things pick up for both women as they both are still part of this new generation of Knockouts.

What did you think of the match? Would you like to see Diamanté back on Impact’s main show? Would you like to see these two Knockouts in a full-on feud? Let us know in the comments below!