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Xplosion Write-Up: Alisha meets Laurel

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to another round of Xplosion Write-Up. On this edition of Xplosion, we will get a chance to see Alisha, who first appeared on Impact Wrestling supporting her husband Eddie Edwards from the crowd, in action as she takes on Laurel Van Ness. Let’s see how one of the newest addition to the Knockouts division does.

After both women make their entrances and the bell sounds off, Laurel decides to toy with Alisha – patting her opponent on the head and pinching her cheeks. Alisha bites back, slapping away Laurel’s hands and rallies up the Impact Zone as the two tie-up.

Laurel shoves Alisha to a corner and arrogantly gets in her face for some trash talk. A listen from the commentary table with Josh Mathews and Madison Rayne would reveal that not only is Alisha married to Eddie Edwards but she has also been wrestling for eight years.

Laurel swings for a punch but Alisha blocks this to land several punches of her own. When Alisha tries her own toying with Laurel, she gets a knee shot in the midsection for her troubles following by a snapmare and kick to the back. Laurel runs the ropes, halts in front of a grounded Alisha to pose her signature taunt and then slaps Alisha across the face.

When Laurel turns her back for a few seconds to taunt the crowd, Alisha is back on her feet and takes down Laurel with her fists of fury! Alisha maintains control of the match, tripping Laurel down to a second rope and following up with a running crossbody.

Alisha goes for the first pin cover of the match after taking Laurel down with a running clothesline but only earns a two count. She tries to keep her momentum going with some chops to Laurel but Laurel ducks one of them and brings down the Impact newcomer with a hair pull takedown.

When we return from a break, we spy Laurel using her boot to choke Alisha at a corner before tossing her across the ring. Laurel orders Earl to move her way so she can send Alisha back to the corner where she slams her back down to the mat.

The Impact Zone begin to cheer on for Alisha as Laurel climbs the top turnbuckle and, badly misses a stomp attack. When both women get back up, Laurel runs towards Alisha, who is able fend off Laurel with a back elbow and big boot.

After hitting some quick offense to Laurel, Alisha sets up Laurel for, what appears to be, a potential finisher but Laurel manages to counter out of this. Laurel then hoists Alisha over her shoulders, throwing her down to the mat and connects the curb stomp to put Alisha away for the three count win.

Thoughts: As someone who isn’t too familiar with Alisha, I was disspointed to see the little amount of offense she got in this match. I would’ve liked to seen a bit more from her given that she does have an ongoing storyline with Eddie Edwards across Angelina Love and Davey Richards.

Laurel surprised me and I’m glad that she is picking up some wins, even if it is on Xplosion. Her storyline with Allie/Braxton Sutter has kept her out of the ring for some time but at least Xplosion and One Night Only PPVs can still showcase her ring work. One thing about Laurel I would like to see is perhaps a secondary finisher. The Curb Stomp is fine but is one of those finishers that can come across as a miss sometimes.

What did you think of the match? Would you Iike to see more of Alisha on Impact’s main show? How would you book her feud with Davey Richards and Angelina Love? Let us know in the comments below!

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