Xplosion Write-Up: A Tough Customer


Hola Knockout fans and welcome to another recurring edition of TNA Xplosion. Just prior to TNA’s UK Tour this year, Jade squared off with former Tough Enough contestant Chelsea Green. The last time we saw Chelsea make a TNA appearance was in the midst of a Knockouts Gauntlet match back at TNA’s One Night Only: Live show. Let’s see things played for her this time on TNA’s C+ B+ show.

Simply going by the single name Chelsea, she’s makes her entrance first; complete with an entrance music and a simple put together titatron. Jade is out next (who was still part of The Dollhouse stable when this was taped) and starts the match off with a strong shove to the aspiring Knockout. Once Chelsea gets back on up, she ties-up with Jade and the two trade hammerlock holds.

After yanking Jade’s hair to the mat, Chelsea applies an armbar hold but Jade powers through this by scooping Chelsea up to slam her on the mat. The crowd rallies behind Chelsea, who now gets trapped at a turnbuckle and chopped in the chest by Jade. In response, Chelsea delivers her own sets of chops but also adds a corner monkey flip to the mix. She goes for a cover on Jade after hitting a running face crusher but only earns a two count. Chelsea grabs a handful of Jade’s hair to pull her up but gets knocked off her feet when Jade sneaks in a leg sweep. A kick to the chest is followed up by Jade as we take a quick break.

Upon returning, the crowd continue to chant their support to Chelsea as she tries to fight off Jade with several forearm shots. Jade halts Chelsea momentum by throwing her opponent’s head to the mat and tossing her across the six sided ring. After two failed pin attempts, Jade goes for a surfboard submission on Chelsea before deciding to take her to a corner turnbuckle.

Having heard enough of the audience support of Chelsea, Jade mocks their chants and runs toward a cornered Chelsea, who manages to get a boot up before Jade’s move can connect. She climbs to the second rope to pin Jade with an elevated sunset flip but Jade kicks out at two.

Jade tries to put away Chelsea with her signature (and much better) package piledriver but Chelsea counters this by flipping Jade over her shoulders. Chelsea tries to keep the ball in her corner with multiple running clothesline but gets sent out of the ring when Jade pulls down on the second rope, avoiding anymore running attacks.

From the ring apron, Jade tries to kick Chelsea but lands on her face instead when Chelsea grabs a hold of her leg and pulls it out of harms way. Chelsea quickly reenters the ring to the run the ropes and land a suicide dive to Jade! Sticking to the high risk attitude, Chelsea then climbs the top rope of a turnbuckle and lands a huge missile dropkick! Chelsea goes for the pin but Jade manages to get her shoulder up in time.

Chelsea goes for a second pin cover after landing taking Jade to a corner to land a top rope hurricanrana but once again, Jade kicks out just in time. Chelsea rests from the risky maneuvers and tries her luck with a running bulldog. Jade counters this before the move can connect and is able to set Chelsea up for the package piledriver, thus ending the match with a victory.

Thoughts: The first time Chelsea appeared on TNA was a complete surprise as there had been no prior announcement that she was being brought in as a guest star. Though spoilers were floating around for her Xplosion appearance, it was a nice treat to see Chelsea be brought back; it helps freshen things up.

I was glad to see that Chelsea had much more time and room to showcase her skills this time around. Had this been on a regular episode of Impact Wrestling or another clustered One Night Only event, she would porbably have gotten lost in the shuffle again. I think anytime TNA want to hold these “tryouts” for potential talent, Xplosion is the safer way to go, as it rids any storyline attachments that

The match started off a bit slow but it picked up as things continued. I really liked the high risk moves that Chelsea was bringing in. It was very babyface like and based on the crowd’s reaction though out the match, it was very fitting. The potential is there for a place in the division and here’s hoping that we see more of can see more Chelsea, wherever she may go, once she’s fully recovered from her injury.