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Xplosion Write-Up: (February 18th, 2015) The British Boot Camp Reunion

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to this week’s edition of TNA Xplosion coming to you from Glasgow, Scotland. We’re in for a special treat for fans of British Boot Camp season two, as this week there is a semi reunion of the cast in form of a mixed tag match. Hometown fan favorites Noam Dar and Kay Lee Ray are teamed up in mixed tag team to take on fellow finalist Rampage Brown and judge Gail Kim.

Our hometown heroes are out first, sharing an entrance together and greeting their audience who cheer them with warm welcome. Gail Kim’s music hits next as she leads the way to the ring with her partner Rampage Brown following behind. The women start things off and like their first encounter in singles competition, both Gail and Kay Lee Ray display good sportsmanship with the display of a handshake.

The action begins when Kay Lee Ray sneaks behind Gail, taking her down to the mat, looking to keep control of the match until Gail manages to maneuver her way out of Kay Lee Ray’s grip and reverse her hold into a crucifix pin. Only getting the one count, Gail runs the ropes for some offense, landing a flying forearm. She adds more standing forearms to mix and tops it all off flying crossbody from the second into a pin. Once again, the former student kicks out at just one and Gail seems to have had enough. She looks for the Eat Defeat but Kay Lee Ray manages to counter this with a kick to the head to her once mentor before passing things along to partner Noam Dar.

With the tag made, the women take a break from the ring action, allowing the battle of technical balance and power to emerge. The younger Noam Dar out smarts his mature opponent with surprise jack knife pins and technical move set but eventually becomes overpowered by the larger Rampage Brown, who puts the brakes to Dar with harsh a clothesline, grounded forearm shots and a big boot to the head.

From a turnbuckle, Brown looks to add some aerial foray onto Dar but the Scotland native manages to knock Brown off and begins to make his way towards his tag partner at ring side, who looks eager to get back into the action. Once the tag is made, Kay Lee Ray bypasses mixed tag team rules, lands a dropkick from the top rope onto Brown and takes him out of the ring. Back inside the ring, Gail Kim goes after Kay Lee Ray from behind but the firey red head is a step ahead and brushes off Gail with a fury of clotheslines and a high flying maneuver from the ropes, leaving Gail to try and find comfort outside the ring.

With both their opponents outside the ring and across from each other, an idea hatches and Kay Lee Ray tags in her partner, clapping it up in the middle of the ring before each hitting a suicide dive to each of their foes!

With the men still being the legal partners in this match, Dar rolls Brown back into the ring and finishes this match by delivering a three hit combo of German suplex, a head kick shot and a three count pin via schoolboy roll up. The young stars proudly take in their victory as they salute the crowd one last time.

Thoughts: A fun match up for the international flavor involved.

While I would have loved to see more action time for the women involved in the match, I think throwing in the mix of Rampage Brown and Noam Dar added a refreshing element to the match than the singles match Kay Lee Ray and Gail Kim had during British Boot Camp; one spot being the double suicide dive to the outside ring.

Although it was almost a given that the home stars were going to pick up the win, it was still a fun match to watch, especially with the British Boot Camp guest stars, all whom would make a fine fit to the TNA roster… more so for the Knockouts division with the flying daredevil Kay Lee Ray.

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