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Xplosion Write-Up: The War Queen Conquers the Queen Bee

Hola Knockout fans and welcome to the first 2016 edition of Xplosion Write-Up! It has been a while since we’ve seen some Knockouts action on TNA’s other wrestling show but part of that stems from the usual six week delay it takes for TNA to upload Xplosion episodes to their YouTube channel! Despite the fact that this match actually aired back in the last week of January, the feud between the Dollhouse and Beautiful People has been ongoing, so it gives this match between Jade and Madison Rayne a somewhat present feel.

After both Knockouts make their solo entrances, they tie-up but it quickly breaks loose when Jade shoves Madison with full force. Jade takes a few seconds to fix up her hair and ring attire before tying it up with Madison for a second time. This time, Jade schemes behind Madison and lifts her with a frontal slam to the mat. Jade follows up with a kick to the face but misses, allowing Madison to roll Jade up with a school girl pin for an early two count.

Madison tries her luck with two more pin attempts to no success. Once both competitors make it back to their feet, they begin a duel of kicks that ends with Madison connecting a running head scissors. The move does little to slow Jade down, as she responds to Madison’s head scissors with a running big boot to the head. Jade goes for the cover to earn a two count.

When we return from a break, we find Jade still in control of the match, delivering a full body slam to Madison. Jade positions Madison for a surfboard submission but Madison quickly turns this around with a surprise pin reversal. Jade kicks out at two and continues to play on her strength with a fall away slam. Jade goes for another cover but Madison stays alive by kicking out before the ref’s three count.

Jade goes for another pin cover after hitting a suplex but still can’t seem to put Madison away. She begins to dispute with the official but turns her attention back to Madison. Jade goes for a spin kick but misses when Madison ducks out the way and counters with an enziguri. The move brings Jade down but also took a toll onto Madison. Both women lie on the mat as the ref begins a countdown. At the six second mark, the Knockouts are back on their feet and Madison begins to lay her offense with chops to the chest, a firm right forearm and a running elbow drop! Pin cover by Madison only earns her a two count.

Madison decides to take a risk by climbing the top rope, looking to hit Jade with a high flying attack but instead crashes and burns when Jade moves out of harm’s way. Jade takes advantage of her vulnerable opponent and sets her up for a packaged piledriver. Jade successfully hits her finishing move for the three count win.

Thoughts: A pretty solid one on one match between these two Knockouts. Often I’ve said that the feud between the Dollhouse and Beautiful People has reached an overkill level but when the match ups happen on a one-on-one basis, it makes things more enjoyable to watch. There is more room to breathe in the ring without the cluster of many bodies that often comes with feuding stables. My only real criticism is that there were times when things felt as though they were moving at a slow pace and a less than excited crowd never does any favor to any match.

On Xplosion, the Knockouts usually get a fair amount of time in the ring and I think both Jade and Madison made the most with what they were given. We’re seeing more of Jade pulling out the strengths in her matches, further reinforcing that she is indeed the strongest member of the Dollhouse, as if we weren’t already aware of that. On the side, Madison continues to show that she is still quite the competitor and asset to the Knockouts division.

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