Diva Dirt Year-End Awards 2010

It’s that time once again! 2010 is nearly a wrap and it’s time to look back at the year gone by in our third annual Year-End Awards. Who will be crowned Diva of the Year? Knockout of the Year? Match of the Year? Vote now!

Click here for all the guidelines on this year’s award.

Please note the criteria under each award title to help you decide which nominee to vote for.

Top Awards

Diva of the Year
To the Diva who has had the best year in terms of matches & storylines.

Knockout of the Year
To the Knockout who has had the best year in terms of matches & storylines.

Independent Wrestler of the Year
To the independent female wrestler who has accrued the most notability in 2010. Criteria includes: notable matches, title wins, media coverage, exposure to fans, use of social media/Internet.

Match of the Year
To the match that best combined good craftsmanship in the ring, exciting moments and crowd participation.

Independent Match of the Year
To the match that best exhibited the craftsmanship of the sport and engaged audiences. Must be available for release on DVD and/or online. No matches that are not distributed. May include non-televised and non-pay per view Ring of Honor matches. Please give date/DVD title etc. where possible i.e. ‘Melissa vs Kong, SHIMMER 55’.

Brand of the Year
To the brand that most demonstrated good matches and storylines for its female competitors.

Independent Promotion of the Year
To the promotion that best exhibited strong female wrestling in terms of matches, storylines as well as showing growth in terms of fanbase and notability using the Internet/social media such as Diva Dirt. Promotions must have already existing distribution i.e. television, pay per view, DVD, online.

News Story of the Year
To the news story that most resounded amongst fans and captured the zeitgeist of the year.

One to Watch in 2011
To the female who has yet to hit their stride and/or accomplish a major accolade, however exhibits the potential to do so in the coming year.

‘Best of’ Awards

Best Feud
To the feud that best elicited good matches, strong promos and excitement amongst fans.

Best Angle
To the angle that most entertained fans.

Best Champion
To the woman/women whose championship reign generated strong fan response, interesting storylines & entertaining matches.

Best Newcomer
To the female who most impressed and entertained upon her debut on television; to an already existing female talent who impressed upon her debut in a wrestling capacity; to an already recognizable female talent portraying a new character.

Best Finisher
To the move that was most often displayed in 2010 eliciting a good reaction and excitement when applied.

Best Babyface
To the female that most demonstrated in 2010 support from the crowd.

Best Heel
To the female(s) that best elicited in 2010 a strong negative crowd reaction.

Best Gimmick
To the female wrestler whose character proved most compelling and entertaining.

Personal Achievement Awards

Most Improved Wrestler
To the female who best showed strides compared to previous years.

Most Skilled Wrestler
To the female who showed good ring generalship with less-experienced workers and had consistently strong matches year-round.

Most Underrated Talent
To the female who showed consistency as a character and in the ring however received little acclaim in 2010.

Miscellaneous Awards

Most Stylish
To the female who proved most fashionable in and out of the ring in 2010.

Best Use of Social Media
To to the female who best used Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, WWE Universe, YouTube etc. to connect with their fanbase and entertain.

Best Diva Dirt Interview
To the female who provided the most engaging interview in the past 12 months.